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Do you need lighting for your shipping container?

Many of our clients do not have the luxury of being able to hook up their shipping container or storage container to mains electrics. Even if they can, the cost of fitting conduit and all that it entails, can be very expensive. So we at Billie Box have the perfect inexpensive solution.

20 Watt Portable&rechargeable Flood light 

Great when your container is well away from any lighting facility. Can be used on its stand bracket or hung from the lashing rings inside the shipping container for storage.

Our lighting has the following features:

IP65 rated

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Lightweight and Portable

Charge and Discharge protection

Tilt and Swivel Adjustment

5 hours working light when fully charged

Stand Bracket with fix screw

Carry handle

U-shaped bracket

Power switch

Power socket

LED indicator

In Car charger

Mains charger

Size is slightly taller than a 75cl bottle of water, but the power of the lighting is extremely bright, perfect for a shipping container or storage container.

20W LED Light


Product Information:

LED indicator:

Charging = LED indicator flashes red and green

Fully charged = LED indicator turns to green

Working = LED indicator is off


Please only use the charger provided with the lamp

Please do not turn on the light whilst charging

Please do not use a modified or damaged charger

Please do not leave the lamp on charge for 24 hours

Please do not dissemble the lamp.

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