BB_EXTRA_BOXBillie Box Ltd offers a variety of container essentials to ensure your shipping container is secure, protecting your goods and aesthetically pleasing:

Please note we ONLY supply products in the UK.

Lock box exteriorLock box-Exterior view (padlock housing) for second hand and New shipping containers.
Ensuring your goods are safe and secure
Lock Box interiorLock box-Interior view. The structure deters any attack with bolt croppers. There is an eye welded to the first door and the box is welded to the second door. So when in operation the box closes over the eye and then the padlock is positioned inside the box.
Proforce padlockProforce Padlock - fits snugly inside our lock boxes. They come with 3 numbered keys and we offer a key replacement/extra key service. Padlocks are for sale only.
Ensuring your goods are safe and secure

20W LED LightLED light - Portable, rechargeable extra bright 20W LED floodlight.
Rechargeable with mains or car battery-both cables available.
Rechargeable-portable -extra bright.
LED light more information

Repaint interior and exterior. Many clients require a repaint on a second hand shipping container. We recommend a dark colour on the exterior and a light grey on the interior.
Container Paint colour chart
Aesthetically pleasing.
Absorpoles - These are used to reduce condensation inside a shipping container. Generally 4 poles are required for a 20ft and 6 for a 40ft. They will need replacing every 2-3 months. This is dependent on the number of times the doors are open and shut and the weather conditions.
Protects your goods from getting wet and damaged.
Perfect for delicate and sensitive cargo/goods.

If there is anything else, you need, then please do let us know. We are happy to help.

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