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Classroom shipping container conversions

shipping container classroom

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

All too often these days the news carries worrying details of schools being put under increasing pressure to perform, not only from a results perspective but also from a financial perspective.  Teachers are under pressure to provide dedicated teaching to all students, with appropriate attention given to students with additional needs.

Headteachers are under pressure to provision the correct resources for both teachers and pupils.  While the attention and opportunities available for children with additional needs is certainly great news, finding the resources can be extremely challenging.  Appropriating the teaching resource is only one issue; another issue is finding a physical space that suits the needs of all concerned.

Many schools are struggling to find classroom space to use for assisting students with additional needs.  Urban schools may not have the space to build additional classrooms, and rural schools may not have the budget for building new teaching spaces.  Of course, the same challenges apply to all schools.

One solution to the challenge of finding additional teaching space sees schools turning to converted shipping containers.  A shipping container that has been converted into a teaching space is warm, secure, and can be easily sited wherever most convenient.  If the initial placement proves to be impractical, it is relatively simple to move.

shipping container classroom inside
Inside a converted classroom

For many years, schools and education authorities have looked to a popular brand of temporary building (legally we can’t mention the name, but we’re sure you know the brand we mean).  Converted shipping containers have many advantages over traditional ‘mobile’ buildings.  They are surprisingly good value, incredibly secure, vandal-proof and stay draft-free and watertight for many years more than a temporary building made from wood.

Shipping containers, converted into classrooms for one-to-one support spaces, offer a very viable, and long-term cost effective alternative to traditional temporary mobile buildings.

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