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Chemical stores for Schools

Chemical storage is increasingly becoming an issue in schools of all sizes.  Our Chemical Stores are suitable for many industries in particular Schools, colleges and Universities.

For the last 5 years we have been selling chemical / pesticide stores to the Farmers and Universities. For the farming industry we have set up a website called: This has significantly increased our chemical storage container sales and the Billie Box reputation in the Chemical storage market. Our customers buy from us with confidence.

Many Schools, Colleges & Universities are under pressure to store their chemicals safely and securely. Billie Box Chemical storage containers are fitted with a lock box and supplied with a hardened steel padlock that fits inside the lock box. If any opportunist thieves or vandals try to break in, you need to be sure that the locking mechanism is suitable to keep the store secure.

Billie Box Chemical Stores are fitted with a clear decal on the door saying ‘Dangerous chemicals’ (meaning “Enter at your peril”).  Part of the reason for clear labelling is to mitigate potential litigation. When a Chemical Store is clearly labelled as hazardous, if unwanted intruders get injured from a chemical spillage, then it shouldn’t be your fault.

Even with good safety procedures in place accidents can still happen.  To prevent chemicals spilling out of the container a low physical barrier  is fitted by the doors to the container. This barrier is called a ‘bund’. The bunded floor ensures that any chemical spill does not seep out onto your site (where children and students are walking) or into any nearby water course.

We know that our chemical storage containers are perfect as a secure facility for your School, College or University.  Buying a Billie Box Chemical Store is the safe, simple way to keep your dangerous chemicals secure.

Billie Box Chemical stores meet with the Health and Safety executive’s criteria, giving you the confidence that our stores are suitable for your secure storage requirements.

Billie Box is featuring in the ‘Pitchcare’ online Buyers guide now.

So why not give us a call today on 0800 121 7388 or GET a Quote here

Jane & Matt at Billie Box value your business and they like to be sure that you walk away a happy customer.

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Mid Summer Party 2018

Billie Box are sponsoring the Mid Summer Party 2018 in aid of Age UK Suffolk.

Over the last 5 years Billie Box has raised funds for many charities. A lot of the fundraising was for Cancer related charities. Previously, Billie Box has held 2 Billie Box Balls, so this year (2018) instead of Cancer and a Ball we thought we would sponsor a ‘Mid Summer Party’ to raise funds for Age UK Suffolk. This charity is another worthwhile cause.

The Mid summer party (23rd June 2018) was designed to be a fun night with lots happening, we have Troubadour (I have had it on very good authority that this band are excellent), we have food (2 course dinner, cheeseboard and welcome drink) Heads & Tails, Raffle and auction. All the makings of a great night out.

With this in mind, why not join in with the festivities

Tickets are on sale NOW on 01473 298683 or visit this page to pay online

If you can’t make the event, then why not sponsor or offer a raffle or auction prize. Please call Jane @ Billie Box on T: 01473 557409


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Tiffers The Bus Shelter Ipswich

Tiffers bus shelter, Tiffers, bus, sponsorship, fundraising, charity

Billie Box sponsors Tiffers the Bus Shelter in Ipswich.

When Jane saw Tiffers The Bus Shelter on the BBC Lookeast news bulletin, she felt moved to help this worthwhile charity.

They select 5 rough sleepers to live on board the bus with them, the bus is static in one place, at the moment they are in a lay by as they do not have any permanent land, but the bus provides  a warm safe haven for the 5 guests to enable them to get back to a ‘normal’ life.

Tiffers The Bus Shelter runs a charity shop in order to raise funds to carry on paying for the ongoing maintenance of the bus and feed their patrons. They rely totally on donations and the support of the shop.
It costs approx.. £25k per year to run the bus (that’s not including any major vehicle repairs)
There are 14 places on the bus which equates to £1,785.00 per guest per year.

Tiffers bus shelter, Tiffers, bus, sponsorship, fundraising, charity
Billie Box sponsors Tiffers the bus shelter


Jane wanted to be sure to support this worthwhile service. It really does make a difference.

For more information about their service, click here.

Jane Billing

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FFSC Lifeboat Day 2017

FFSC, RNLI, Harwich Lifeboat, lifeboat, fundraising, charity, sponsorship, Billie Box sponsor

Billie Box has sponsored a couple of different charities 2017. The first was FFSC Lifeboat weekend in September 2017.

This event raised over £3000 for the Lifeboat – Fantastic work to all those concerned.

FFSC, Fundraising, RNLI, Billie Box sponsorship,  

Fundraising For

fundraising, charity, RNLI, FFSC, Billie Box sponsor,

Jane & Matt are members of the FFSC (Felixstowe Ferry Sailing club) and their sailing club is holding a whole weekend fundraising events for the Harwich RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution). 

RNLI is Such a worthy cause, they save lives at sea everyday of the year. RNLI is run by volunteers and rely on public donations to keep their organisation going. It cost £485,000 per day in 2016 to run the RNLI.

During 2016 the RNLI rescued 23 people everyday of 2016, they trained and equipped over 610 lifesavers and 8,851 lifeboats were launched throughout 2016.

FFSC are holding a weekend of events:

Friday, 22nd September 2017 – 6.30pm to 10pm

  • Opening by the Mayor of Felixstowe
  • Fish & chip supper
  • Live music by ‘Bits & Pieces’
  • Beer tent

Saturday, 23rd September 2017 – 12 noon to 11pm

  • RNLI Fundraising stalls
  • Live music by local Pop and Folk bands and artists including ‘Troublesome Reach’
  • RNLI Lifeboat viewing
  • Try sailing taster
  • Children’s entertainment
  • Beer tent
  • All day BBQ, Tea & Coffee
  • Evening curry
  • Rowing machine
  • Fly your Teddy!

Sunday, 24th September – 12 noon to 6pm

  • RNLI fundraising stalls
  • Live music by local Pop and Folk bands and artists
  • Children’s entertainment
  • Duck race
  • All day BBQ, Tea & Coffee
  • The Traditional – Golf Ball over the river competition
  • Tombola
  • Seamanship Race
  • Fly your Teddy!
  • Tug of War

So if you fancy a day or even a weekend out in September, why not come on down to the Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club and support the RNLI. Or if you can’t make it, why not donate today!

You know it makes sense.

Jane Billing

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Billie Box is 5 years old

Billie Box special offer, free hat, shipping containers, chemical stores, portable offices

Billie Box is 5 years old on 12th August 2017!

Since Billie Box started trading on 12th August 2012 the business has gone from strength to strength. Starting at the tail end of a national recession; certainly, made for an interesting ride. Expertise has certainly won through; with Jane Billing’s 30 years of knowledge and experience of the container industry gave their customers peace of mind when dealing with Billie Box.

Billie Box has not only offered a great container sales and rental service. In July 2013 they introduced shipping container conversions, into Chemical stores for many industries such as farming, education and manufacturing. This year they offer 20ft portable steel offices, canteens and office/stores. All this is with delivery around the UK.

With business increasing year on year for Billie Box, it proved too much for Jane. So in 2016 Matt Boyle joined the company and he has proved to be a great asset to the company. Matt is learning the ropes and making sure that Jane has support wherever possible.

Throughout the last 5 years, Billie Box has actively been involved in fundraising for many charities. In 2013 Jane held a grand draw for Cancer campaign in Suffolk. In 2014 she held the first Billie Box Ball in aid of Cancer Campaign in Suffolk. In 2015 Jane cycled with her sister-in-law from London to Paris for St. Elizabeth Hospice, Ipswich. In 2016 Billie Box had their second Billie Box Ball for the Clic Sargent Cancer charity for the young. In 2017 Billie Box have sponsored many worthy charities, some include the Papworth Trust, Age UK, Princes Trust & East Anglian Childrens Hospice, Ipswich. To date Billie Box has raised over £21,000 for various charities. The plan for the future is to continue supporting many charities.

By way of a celebration Billie Box is offering a Free Baseball cap with every order paid from now until to 31st August 2017.

Billie Box special offer, free hat, shipping containers, chemical stores, portable officesSo why not call for a quotation today T: 0800 121 7388

Or Click here

Jane Billing

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How to buy a shipping container

shipping container, buy a container, purchase a container, buy a shipping container, Billie Box, customer service,

Many people ask ‘How do I buy a shipping container’? Well Billie Box can help you with that.

First of all you need to find a friendly container company like Billie Box that will give a you a quote in a timely manner. Billie Box will ask you for the following information:

  1. What size shipping container would you like? 8ft, 10ft, 20ft or 40ft
  2. Would you like to buy or hire?
  3. If you would like to buy, would you like New or Used? By the way we sell 20ft and 40ft in new or used condition and 8ft and 10ft in new condition only.
  4. Where would you like delivery of your container? A postcode would be best.
  5. We would require your email address so we can send you a written quotation.

Once we have this information, we will then research a transport cost and send you a written quotation via email. We often manage to reply to customers within 1 hour, occasionally, it can take a little longer if we are checking stocks for availability.

Billie Box then follows up with you within a few days, if we have not already heard from you.

To buy a shipping container, please can you let Billie Box have the following details:

  1. Your Invoice name and address
  2. Your delivery name and address (if different)
  3. Site name and number for the driver to call on the day of delivery
  4. A purchase order number for the invoice (if you require it)
  5. Your full equipment specification, with accessories and delivery.

Once Billie Box has these details, they will prepare and email you an invoice and any relevant paperwork.

Once Billie Box receives your payment, then they will confirm a mutually agreed delivery date.


On the day of delivery, our driver will call your site contact 1 hour prior to his ETA.

Billie Box will call you after your delivery to ensure you are happy with the goods and services provided. 

We keep you informed at every stage of the sales process.

Why not have a look our Customer Reviews here, we pride ourselves on our excellent service, making life a simple as possible for our customers.

shipping container, buy a container, purchase a container, buy a shipping container, Billie Box, customer service,
Billie Box makes life simple for you.



So call Jane or Matt on 0800 121 7388 for a quote today or visit our GET A Quote page.

Jane Billing

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Self Storage

self storage, self store,

Self storage businesses are popping up in many places around the UK. It is a growing industry in the UK and has been since the 1980’s. Many self store businesses actually use shipping containers . The containers act like rooms for each customer. They are lockable and secure. They can be placed side by side and stacked at least 2 high.

Stacks of 20ft containers, self storage site, self store

Many customers of self storage sites want to keep their possessions but just don’t have anywhere to store them. Customers range from retailers, wholesalers, private individuals, construction firms to many, many more.

The  Farming community, in particular, are diversifying into Self storage, because they have the land already with great access for their customers.

The average occupancy of self storage units has grown by 4% to 73% and income per sq ft has grown by over 5% to £22.15 during 2016, according to the Self storage association UK. (SSA UK)

It is difficult to calculate accurately the number of self storage businesses trading as there is no organisation that actually tracks the self storage industry around the UK. The SSA UK. estimates that there are now around 1077 self store sites in the UK, of which 195 offer container storage only.

We at Billie Box offer shipping containers that will suit a Self storage business perfectly. We always recommend New (one trip from China) containers as they are usually clean and tidy. Self storage customers want to store in a nice tidy space. All our new containers are fitted with a lock box and padlocks on a master suite basis are available for sale.

2016 Statistics from SSA UK make very interesting reading

Click here for more information

Self storage association UK

How to set up a Self Storage business

  1. Find the land
  2. Apply for planning permission
  3. Make the land levelled and accessible
  4. Put up a fence and maybe a swipe card system for added security.
  5. Start marketing your self storage business. Get your customers lined up to rent the space.
  6. Buy shipping containers from Billie Box to place on site. Often our customers start with 10 x 20ft units and then build onto the site with more as and when the first ones are full.
  7. Rent the containers out to your customer
  8. Before you know it, your site will be full with customers and you are receiving a nice tidy income.
  9. Remember you can stack 2 high. Staircases and walkways would be required for access.

So in conclusion, call us today on 0800 121 7388 or GET a Quote to see how Billie Box can help you to start up your self storage business.

Jane Billing

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Cost effective, secure alternative to Prefab buildings

portable office, site office, site canteen,

Finding office space and canteen space can be challenging for businesses who find their space is at a premium.  Some businesses (like motor dealerships) sometimes simply do not have any indoor space at all.  Providing your staff with a warm, comfortable and productive working environment is an important consideration for any business.  Ensuring your staff have somewhere comfortable to take work breaks and eat meals is important for morale.
In the past increasing the size of a work environment involved either building an extension, or investing in a modular building.  Building work may either be impractical, or impossible.  Modular buildings come with challenges that mean they are not always the best solution for every situation.

Converted shipping containers

Here at Billie Box we offer a cost-effective solution to your business space problems. We convert new shipping containers into offices, canteens and office space with secure storage.  When we convert a container to include storage space the split is typically 50 / 50 between office space and storage space.  

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using a converted shipping container as your office or canteen.


Converted shipping container offices and canteens work out around £100 per square metre cheaper than prefab buildings.


Our converted containers are built from high-tensile Corten steel.  The doors are anti-jemmy proof and are kept securely locked with a ten lever locking system.  Windows can be fitted with lockable steel shutters, secured from inside with a shoot bolt.  These features are a small example of why our offices and canteens are considerably more secure than modular buildings.


Our offices and canteens are insulated with rock-wool and finished internally with tidy melamine paneling.  Your converted container will be fully fitted out electrically.  Every unit is fitted with lighting, heating and double power sockets.  Converted containers are also supplied with anti-slip flooring.


Shipping containers that have been converted into an office, canteen (or other business facility) are entirely self contained.  They can be supplied with an open plan layout or with an internal wall to provide additional secure storage within the unit.

Our offices and canteens are a cost-effective, secure and simple alternative to traditional modular buildings.

Jane Billing

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Rural Crime stats 2016

rural crime stats from NFU

Rural crime stats are showing a huge problem to farmers and those that live in the countryside. Rural sites are so exposed and unmanned in many cases, hence, why crime is on the rise. The perpetrators can access sites easily and abscond with many high value items without anyone noticing.

We at Billie Box take these rural crime stats very seriously indeed. We supply steel secure shipping containers for storage with delivery to your door. Farms and countryside residences often have sufficient room to add another shed to their site.

Visit our site for Sale or Hire of shipping containers.

Rural crime
New (once used from China) 20ft x 8ft storage container being delivered to site


Every year rural crime costs millions of pounds and causes anxiety to the victims across the UK.

In 2015 the data reveals that the cost of rural crime to the UK has reached £42.5 million.

Stats from the NFU website.

rural crime stats from NFU


The NFU Mutual reported that, there are certain areas being targeted more than others. The North East and East of England in particular. In 2015 it cost the victims in the region of £7.9 and £6.9 million respectively. The Midlands and Northern Ireland crime figures are on the rise by 10% and 13% respectively.

Theft of ATV’s rose by 50% in the Essex area last year alone, according to NFU mutual.

ATVs can be easily stored in a 20ft lockable container. Containers are a perfect solution, as all sides are blocked and the thieves cannot see whats inside. Who knows what’s in a container?

Equine tack such as saddles and bridles, being very high value, are perfect for the burglar. Again a shipping container is a great product to store your horse-riding equipment. I know some of you are worried about condensation; however, we do have the Absorpole which can rectify this problem.

Billie Box’s Shipping Containers are fitted with a lock box and then a hardened steel padlock will fit inside. This will stop unlawful access with Bolt croppers.

Our padlocks have an anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-saw shackle.

In conclusion, prevention is better than cure!

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Jane Billing