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How a shipping container’s price and delivery charge is calculated

20ft new Shipping container

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

On a regular basis we at Billie Box receive a phone call or email looking for inexpensive shipping containers and stating something similar to these phrases:

  1. “I can see shipping containers stacked three high for miles, with all this surplus I should be able to find shipping containers for a cheap price!”
  2. “Why is the delivery cost so high?”
  3. “What can you do on the price? So-and-so down the road is offering a cheaper price.”

Many of the shipping containers that can be seen in depots and dock terminals are either en route to their final destination or are waiting to be loaded and sent on to their next location. Think of the depot and dock quayside as a car park for shipping containers; very few, if any, of the cars in the car park are for sale and none of them “live” in the car park.

Shipping container prices fluctuate due to the US dollar rate, the steel prices, manufacturer labour rates and what is going on in the World. It is a Commodity!

Shipping lines and container leasing companies sell their older shipping containers when they want to replace them with new ones. New ones are built in China and due to the worldwide economies, US dollar rate, steel prices and Chinese labour rates, the price can go up as well as down. So the shipping lines order new containers when the price is at a low point and if the price is not right for them, then they will hold on to their older containers until the price is right. This in turn causes a lack of availability in the second-hand market which causes a price rise. The price for new shipping containers can be dictated by the number of orders at the factory, e.g. factories have full order books, then the price rises. This is similar to the stock and commodity markets.

With regards to deliveries, we all know that fuel prices fluctuate continuously, and it affects us all! The vehicles we use are HIAB lorries that are fitted with cranes so that the container can be offloaded. A safe offload does take time and with qualified experienced operators we feel that this money is well spent. Billie Box picks and chooses their transport companies and drivers that offer a good and helpful service.

Jane Billing at Billie Box Ltd. has been in the shipping container sales industry for over 35 years and like many other industries, she has seen companies come and go. Billie Box, however, aims to offer a competitive price structure and an excellent, knowledgeable service with a friendly approach, giving you ‘peace of mind’ that you receive the product and service that you desire.

So why not call us today for a free quote and more information about what Billie Box can offer you? Freephone 0800 121 7388

20ft shipping container

About Jane Billing
Jane Billing has over 35 years’ experience in shipping container supply. During that time Jane has gained a very broad knowledge of the whole shipping container industry. From construction to shipping, to adaption and conversions, if you have a question about any aspect of the shipping container industry Jane will likely have the answer for you. After many years working for some of the biggest names in the shipping container industry Jane set up her own company, Billie Box Ltd, in 2012. Since launching, Billie Box Ltd has sold well over 2500 new and used containers.