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Chemical stores for Golf Clubs

Somehow the groundskeeper has a longer working day than anyone else working at a golf club.  The domains on all groundskeepers are varied and come flying in from all directions. So anything that can be done to minimise stress for groundskeepers must be a good thing.

Over the last few years one of the demands that has become more prevalent in the lives of groundskeepers is the need to store chemicals legally and safely.  Nowhere is this need more acute than on Golf Courses. Farms face the same challenges as golf clubs when it comes to chemical storage. But on farms dangerous chemicals tend to be stored on private land, where members of the public should not stray.  On a golf course you are in the unenviable position of needing to store the chemicals needed to keep the greens (and rough!) looking wonderful, but you have club members, and possibly members of the public freely roaming.

Before we have a look at the answer to the problem of chemical storage on golf courses let’s have a brief look at the requirements of an ideal chemical storage facility.

Chemical stores on Golf Clubs needs to be:

  • Secure and lockable
  • Weatherproof
  • Spacious
  • Mobile
  • Vandal-resistant
  • Contamination minimising
  • Adequately ventilated

Billie Box Ltd have been converting shipping containers into secure chemical stores for years.  Now that we’ve discussed some of the requirements for chemical stores let’s have a look at why Billie Box chemical stores have become popular.

Converted shipping containers are secure and vandal-proof by their very nature.  We frequently hear of burglaries at Golf Clubs and a shipping container chemical store is a great way to keep your valuable chemicals and pesticides secure.

The containers are fitted with a lock box and supplied with a hardened steel padlock that fits inside the lock box. If you get opportunists trying to break in, you need to be sure that the locking mechanism works. Also, with a decal on the door saying ‘Dangerous chemicals’ (meaning “Enter at your peril”) then you know that if the burglars get injured from a chemical spillage, then it isn’t your fault.

Every year tens of billions of pounds worth of goods are transported around the world in shipping containers.  Converted shipping containers are incredibly secure. The security built into shipping containers also naturally makes them weatherproof.  Shipping containers have a surprisingly long lifespan.

You may be surprised to see ‘mobile’ listed as a requirement for an effective chemical store.  While it would be inadvisable to continually move your chemical store, there may be occasions when your store will need to be relocated.  Many Golf Clubs are expanding and developing all the time. What today might be a perfect location for chemical store could be next year’s new swimming pool, spa or restaurant.   One advantage of using a specially converted shipping container as your chemical store is that it is relatively easy to relocate as the demands of your Golf Course evolve.

Billie Box chemical stores are built with a ‘bunded’ floor.  This is a simple physical barrier at the entrance to the container.  If there is a chemical spillage within the container the bund stops the chemicals from leaking from the chemical stores.  This is an effective way of ensuring the chemicals you store do not accidentally pollute the earth, or worse, a water course.

Billie Box have an active presence at several agricultural shows, including LAMMA and Cereals.  Through exhibiting at these events, and through many in-depth conversations with farmers who are our customers we have developed our chemical stores to be the best available.  We are pleased to be able to offer our chemical stores to Golf Clubs and grounds keepers – we are currently featured in the ‘Pitchcare’ Buyers Guide.

Billie Box Chemical stores meet with the Health and Safety exec’s criteria, giving you the confidence that our product is suitable for your secure storage requirements.

Give us a call today on 0800 121 7388 or GET a Quote here, Jane and Matt would love to find out how we can help reduce your chemical storage headaches.

Jane Billing

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Billie Box is 5 years old

Billie Box special offer, free hat, shipping containers, chemical stores, portable offices

Billie Box is 5 years old on 12th August 2017!

Since Billie Box started trading on 12th August 2012 the business has gone from strength to strength. Starting at the tail end of a national recession; certainly, made for an interesting ride. Expertise has certainly won through; with Jane Billing’s 30 years of knowledge and experience of the container industry gave their customers peace of mind when dealing with Billie Box.

Billie Box has not only offered a great container sales and rental service. In July 2013 they introduced shipping container conversions, into Chemical stores for many industries such as farming, education and manufacturing. This year they offer 20ft portable steel offices, canteens and office/stores. All this is with delivery around the UK.

With business increasing year on year for Billie Box, it proved too much for Jane. So in 2016 Matt Boyle joined the company and he has proved to be a great asset to the company. Matt is learning the ropes and making sure that Jane has support wherever possible.

Throughout the last 5 years, Billie Box has actively been involved in fundraising for many charities. In 2013 Jane held a grand draw for Cancer campaign in Suffolk. In 2014 she held the first Billie Box Ball in aid of Cancer Campaign in Suffolk. In 2015 Jane cycled with her sister-in-law from London to Paris for St. Elizabeth Hospice, Ipswich. In 2016 Billie Box had their second Billie Box Ball for the Clic Sargent Cancer charity for the young. In 2017 Billie Box have sponsored many worthy charities, some include the Papworth Trust, Age UK, Princes Trust & East Anglian Childrens Hospice, Ipswich. To date Billie Box has raised over £21,000 for various charities. The plan for the future is to continue supporting many charities.

By way of a celebration Billie Box is offering a Free Baseball cap with every order paid from now until to 31st August 2017.

Billie Box special offer, free hat, shipping containers, chemical stores, portable officesSo why not call for a quotation today T: 0800 121 7388

Or Click here

Jane Billing

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Self Storage

self storage, self store,

Self storage businesses are popping up in many places around the UK. It is a growing industry in the UK and has been since the 1980’s. Many self store businesses actually use shipping containers . The containers act like rooms for each customer. They are lockable and secure. They can be placed side by side and stacked at least 2 high.

Stacks of 20ft containers, self storage site, self store

Many customers of self storage sites want to keep their possessions but just don’t have anywhere to store them. Customers range from retailers, wholesalers, private individuals, construction firms to many, many more.

The  Farming community, in particular, are diversifying into Self storage, because they have the land already with great access for their customers.

The average occupancy of self storage units has grown by 4% to 73% and income per sq ft has grown by over 5% to £22.15 during 2016, according to the Self storage association UK. (SSA UK)

It is difficult to calculate accurately the number of self storage businesses trading as there is no organisation that actually tracks the self storage industry around the UK. The SSA UK. estimates that there are now around 1077 self store sites in the UK, of which 195 offer container storage only.

We at Billie Box offer shipping containers that will suit a Self storage business perfectly. We always recommend New (one trip from China) containers as they are usually clean and tidy. Self storage customers want to store in a nice tidy space. All our new containers are fitted with a lock box and padlocks on a master suite basis are available for sale.

2016 Statistics from SSA UK make very interesting reading

Click here for more information

Self storage association UK

How to set up a Self Storage business

  1. Find the land
  2. Apply for planning permission
  3. Make the land levelled and accessible
  4. Put up a fence and maybe a swipe card system for added security.
  5. Start marketing your self storage business. Get your customers lined up to rent the space.
  6. Buy shipping containers from Billie Box to place on site. Often our customers start with 10 x 20ft units and then build onto the site with more as and when the first ones are full.
  7. Rent the containers out to your customer
  8. Before you know it, your site will be full with customers and you are receiving a nice tidy income.
  9. Remember you can stack 2 high. Staircases and walkways would be required for access.

So in conclusion, call us today on 0800 121 7388 or GET a Quote to see how Billie Box can help you to start up your self storage business.

Jane Billing

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Rural Crime stats 2016

rural crime stats from NFU

Rural crime stats are showing a huge problem to farmers and those that live in the countryside. Rural sites are so exposed and unmanned in many cases, hence, why crime is on the rise. The perpetrators can access sites easily and abscond with many high value items without anyone noticing.

We at Billie Box take these rural crime stats very seriously indeed. We supply steel secure shipping containers for storage with delivery to your door. Farms and countryside residences often have sufficient room to add another shed to their site.

Visit our site for Sale or Hire of shipping containers.

Rural crime
New (once used from China) 20ft x 8ft storage container being delivered to site


Every year rural crime costs millions of pounds and causes anxiety to the victims across the UK.

In 2015 the data reveals that the cost of rural crime to the UK has reached £42.5 million.

Stats from the NFU website.

rural crime stats from NFU


The NFU Mutual reported that, there are certain areas being targeted more than others. The North East and East of England in particular. In 2015 it cost the victims in the region of £7.9 and £6.9 million respectively. The Midlands and Northern Ireland crime figures are on the rise by 10% and 13% respectively.

Theft of ATV’s rose by 50% in the Essex area last year alone, according to NFU mutual.

ATVs can be easily stored in a 20ft lockable container. Containers are a perfect solution, as all sides are blocked and the thieves cannot see whats inside. Who knows what’s in a container?

Equine tack such as saddles and bridles, being very high value, are perfect for the burglar. Again a shipping container is a great product to store your horse-riding equipment. I know some of you are worried about condensation; however, we do have the Absorpole which can rectify this problem.

Billie Box’s Shipping Containers are fitted with a lock box and then a hardened steel padlock will fit inside. This will stop unlawful access with Bolt croppers.

Our padlocks have an anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-saw shackle.

In conclusion, prevention is better than cure!

Please click here for a Quote
Jane Billing

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Cereals 2017

Cereals Event 2016 exhibition stand

In 2017 we are investing further in meeting the needs of the agricultural community.  As a result we are proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Cereals 2017 arable farming event in Lincolnshire in June.

The annual Cereals event is one of the biggest in the agricultural calendar, with over 24,000 attendees. Roughly half of the people who attend Cereals are farm owners and managers. Exhibiting at the event gives us a valuable opportunity to meet farmers, and gain a better understanding of how we can serve this vital sector.

Our time at Cereals 2016 was a great success. We were able to build on our knowledge of the issues that matter most to arable farmers. As we have mentioned in previous posts, one of the biggest issues facing today’s farmers is the need to store chemicals safely. In answer to this problem we will be exhibiting one of our popular secure chemical stores at Cereals 2017.

Our chemical stores are converted shipping containers and match the specification dictated by the Health and Safety executive. Farmers are increasingly under pressure, not just from government departments, but are also being challenged to change the way they store and handle chemicals by the companies they supply. For example, the Tesco ‘Natures Choice’ scheme imposes very specific guidelines for farmers. Our chemical stores are a cost effective, long term solution to the increasing problem of safe and secure chemical storage.

In addition to our chemical stores we also offer new containers for farmers who are interested in diversifying their business by offering self storage.

Consequently we are very much looking forward to meeting with existing customers and meeting some new people at Cereals 2017. If you would like to arrange a meeting during Cereals 2017 or would like to discuss how we can help you now please get in touch by calling us on 0800 121 7388 or emailing us.

Find out more about our Chemical Storage for Farmers…
Find out more about Cereals 2017…

Here is what it looked like last year:

Storage Containers at Cereals 2017

So please do come along and see us.

For more information: GET a Quote here or T: 0800 121 7388

Jane Billing


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Sports Clubs & Leisure Centre secure storage

Rural crime

Many sports clubs and leisure facilities in the UK use a shipping container to hold their ever expanding array of equipment. If space and protection are factors you value when considering how to securely store your businesses assets then you are not alone…


Team GB’s unprecedented success at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games inspired our nation, prompting a vast increase in membership to sports clubs and leisure facilities across the country. These institutions have greeted the UK’s re-ignited love of sports with a surge in purchasing of new equipment – much of this it extremely expensive. The continued success of these companies rely on their ability to deter and repel criminals through the secure storage of their property.

Billie Box supplies new and second hand shipping containers throughout England and Wales on a sale or rental basis. These storage units are constructed from Corten steel and built with a unique ‘Lock Box’ locking system: this offers total protection from the outside elements and most importantly makes near enough impenetrable to any would-be intruders. Condensation within the box itself is combatted through our own ‘Absorpoles’ – designed to reduce the amount of moisture inside a container and keep equipment dry.

Shipping containers are perfect as a secure store for sports equipment

The shipping containers come in 20ft (with an internal storage area of 1,170 cubic feet) and 40ft (a gigantic 2,386 cubic feet); huge amounts of storage space delivered directly to the door of practically any UK based gym or sports club.

20ft Shipping container

Balls, rackets and clubs are all well and good but not all sports are based around easily handled equipment – that is why Billie Box also offer a 20ft Opensider shipping container, this gives a longer length full side opening. An extremely useful addition when storing long or hard-to-manage items is a daily routine.






Also if you are in a remote area and trying to access your container in the dark, then we have a portable, rechargeable, extra bright LED light. So flexible for access. Have a look here for more information: Lighting.

20W LED portable light

The options of sports clubs and leisure facilities are endless, but here are few of our existing clients. Why not view our Reviews which shows you how we have been successful in supplying our clients.

  • American Football
  • Archery clubs
  • Badminton clubs
  • Boxing clubs
  • Canoe clubs
  • Cricket clubs
  • Cycling clubs
  • Equestrian centres
  • Fencing clubs
  • Football clubs
  • Gliding clubs
  • Golf Clubs
  • Gymnastics clubs
  • Hockey clubs
  • Ice Hockey clubs
  • Karting clubs
  • Lacrosse clubs
  • Leisure centres
  • Lifesaving clubs
  • Martial arts clubs
  • Motorcross clubs
  • Mountaineering clubs
  • Netball clubs
  • Polo clubs
  • Pool & snooker clubs
  • Rowing clubs
  • Rugby clubs
  • Sailing clubs
  • Scuba diving clubs
  • Shooting clubs
  • Ski clubs
  • Squash clubs
  • Surf clubs
  • Swimming clubs
  • Table Tennis clubs
  • Tennis clubs
  • Trampoline clubs
  • Volleyball clubs
  • Waterski clubs
  • Watersports clubs
  • Weightlifting clubs
  • Windsurfing clubs
  • Yacht clubs

In conclusion, a shipping container is a perfect way to store your equipment safely and securely, which gives you peace of mind and protects your members interests.

Any company or institution wishing to discuss secure storage should call us today on 0800 121 7388 or 01473 557409. Alternatively please visit the ‘Get a Quote’ section of our website.

Jane Billing

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Suffolk Show 2016

We will be at Suffolk Show 2016 on Wednesday, 1st and Thursday, 2nd June on STAND no. 894 (Eleventh Avenue)

894 is east of the Trinity Ring near to the Foxhall Blue Car park and the Bucklesham Red car park. Eleventh avenue just off Flower show avenue.

We welcome you all to view our secure #shippingcontainers for storage perfect for practically any business or private use, we will have a (New, one trip from China) 20ft steel storage container. Also on show we will have our  #ChemicalStorage containers. Our chemical stores are mostly for the Farming community but could be used for many other industries such as the Printing industry, Garages, Garden nurseries, Universities, schools, colleges and many more.

Accessories include: padlocks, absorpoles (to reduce condensation) and portable/rechargeable 20W LED lights on offer.

Do come along and see our shipping containers, chemical stores and accessories on show at the Suffolk Show 2016.

Here’s how to get tickets, click on Suffolk show icon below:logo

As well as the #shippingcontainers and #chemicalstores #containeraccessories on show, we will have a free ‘bag for life’ with a gift. Please do drop by and claim your free bag and gift.

We will also have a special offers on our containers, so why not bag a bargain.

Here are some photos from 2015

The Suffolk show is regarded as one of the finest county shows in the country. Held at Trinity park, Ipswich the show attracts on average 86,000 visitors, 800 tradestands and 3000 livestock and equine entries from across the country.

The Suffolk show is renowned as an all round great day out, packed with World class displays in the grand ring, a full equine and livestock programme, fantastic shopping from a dazzling array of tradestands, craft marquees, art exhibition and food hall combined with all the traditions of a county show.

Such a great day out for the all the family.

Jane Billing

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Billie Box supplies Padlocks, for the purchase of your shipping container, that fit perfectly into the shipping container lock box.


There are 2 sorts of padlocks that you can purchase:

  • Proforce – comes with 3 numbered keys


    Proforce padlock 


Hardened steel container padlock –  

H: 6.5cm x W: 6cm x D: 2.5cm (Shackle diameter 1cm, Space between shackle and body of lock 1.5cm)Includes: 3 numbered keys (Our unique numbering system) 

  • These locks fit inside a lock box (shrouded area on shipping container doors) (lock box is not included)
  • Perfect use with shipping containers, garden sheds and garages.

All costs include 20% VAT(Pen not included, it was used to show the size of the lock.)

  • K465 – comes with 2 non-numbered keys


K465 padlockHardened steel container padlock – replica of the Proforce

H: 6.5cm x W: 6cm x D: 2.5cm (Shackle diameter 1cm, Space between shackle and body of lock 1.5cm)includes: 2 non numbered keys

  • These locks fit inside a lock box (shrouded area on shipping container doors) (lock box is not included)
  • Perfect use with shipping containers, garden sheds and garages. 

All costs include 20% VAT(Pen not included, it was used to show the size of the lock.)

Why not call Billie Box for advise on padlocks – T: 0800 121 7388 or 01473 557409



Jane Billing


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Sea Containers – an introduction

new sea container

Why buy a sea container?

Sea containers (also known as ‘shipping containers) are popular outside of the world of shipping and freight forwarding for many reasons; these strong, secure metal boxes have become extremely popular not only because of their strength, but also because of their durability.

You have probably seen sea containers being re-purposed as secure storage units, sheds and garages, but in reality these are only a handful of examples of the many functions these popular steel boxes can perform.

What makes sea containers such a good investment?
Sea containers are designed to last a very long time indeed. When in use by the shipping industry containers are exposed to the elements in an extreme way. To survive the persistent attack of salt water and extremes of temperature sea containers are constructed using high tensile ‘Corten’ steel. Corten is a ‘Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel’.

One of the qualities of Corten steel that makes it so robust the materials ability to retain integrity if damaged. If a Corten steel container is damaged to the extent that a hole is made, the elements are unable to get inside the fabric of the metal. This means that should a hole occur then rust is unable to spread, so the structural integrity and security of the container is not compromised. Because Corten steel remains stable under this type of stress it is easily repairable. Shipping containers are simple to repair by simple welding or patching.

Sea containers are designed from the ground up with longevity, sustainability and security as core features.

If you’re reading this and thinking ‘but I’ve seen rusty containers’ then you’re correct. Partially. When rust is seen on the exterior of shipping containers is only a very thin layer, usually throughout the paintwork, and does not affect the Corten itself.

Second hand sea container
Example of a Second hand sea container (approx. 12 years old)
new sea container
Example of a New (once used) sea container

Ensuring our second hand sea containers represent excellent value for money.

We calculate the value of second hand sea containers based on the age of the container being sold, the overall condition and availability. The price of new shipping containers is based on the US dollar, Chinese labour rate and material costs.

Billie Box containers represent not only great value for money, but are also good long term investment.

Jane Billing

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How to level a shipping container

When you buy a shipping container for storage, you need to ensure it is sitting level.

Checklist for how to level a shipping container

1. You need to ensure the container is level, otherwise it will be difficult to open and shut the doors. It is just like hanging a window or door in a house, if the door or window frame is not straight then the door will not hang properly.

2. The container sits on it’s corners.

3. The floor or crossmembers on the underside do not touch the ground.

4. There are 4 corner castings and they are 7in square each.

5. Each corner casting must be level with the other 3 corner castings.

6. Ideal levelling materials e.g. wood, concrete blocks, metal

7. Patio slabs will NOT be suitable as they can often break up when the container is positioned.

8. You will need to prepare the area before our driver arrives. However, the driver will ensure the container doors open and shut prior to his departure.

9. Sometimes, the container can lose it’s levelness after the driver has gone and this can be because the ground has moved e.g. if it is a grass or muddy area. Tarmac can also prove a problem (as it is not as solid as concrete)

10. Another reason why the container can become un-level is because you have loaded your goods all at one end or to the side and perhaps your wood, metal or concrete blocks are not solid enough. You need to ensure your goods/cargo are evenly spread out as possible.

For more information on how to look after your container – Visit our Container care guidelines

How to level a shipping container

This shows a 10ft container with a fabricated end panel, the corner being levelled with steel plate.

Level a container corner casting

This shows a 7in square corner casting (for a new 10ft, second hand new 20ft and new 40ft containers) being levelled with a piece of wood.

If you need further information on how to level a shipping container, please do call Jane on 01473 557409 or Get a quote here.
Jane Billing