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Billie Box supplies Padlocks, for the purchase of your shipping container, that fit perfectly into the shipping container lock box.


  • Squire WS75 – comes with 3 numbered keys – INSURANCE APPROVED/10 YEAR GUARANTEE

Squire Padlock with 3 numbered keys
Squire Padlock with 3 numbered keys


Hardened steel container Stronghold padlock –  H: 8cm x W: 6.5cm x D: 2.5cm (Shackle diameter 1cm, Space between shackle and body of lock 1.5cm)Includes: 3 numbered keys (Our unique numbering system) ANTI-Bump and ANTI-Pick, Insurance approved and comes with a 10 year Guarantee.

  • All costs include 20% VAT(Pen not included, it was used to show the size of the lock.)Why not call Billie Box for advise on padlocks – T: 0800 121 7388 or 01473 557409


  • About Jane Billing
    Jane Billing has over 32 years in shipping container supply. During that time Jane has earned a very broad knowledge of the whole shipping container industry. From construction, to shipping, to adaption and conversions, if you have a question about any aspect of the shipping container industry Jane will likely have the answer for you. After many years working for some of the biggest names in the shipping container industry Jane set up her own company, Billie Box Ltd in 2012. Since launching in 2012 Billie Box Ltd has sold well over 1500 new and used containers.