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Last Updated on October 4, 2023

When it comes to container padlocks, Billie Box supplies the ideal solution that fits perfectly into shipping container lock boxes. A hardened steel container stronghold padlock, it measures H:8cm x W:6.5cm x and has a shackle diameter of 1cm. With a 1.5cm space between the shackle and the body of the lock, this tried-and-tested solution provides all of the required security and is very easy to use. Complete with anti-bump and anti-pick capabilities, you can lock up and leave your container with every assurance that your belongings are fully secure.

An industry standard product, the Squire WS75 has earned a leading reputation for its extreme resistance, unrivalled security and anti-corrosion technology. Manufactured by a market leading lock maker, this particular model has earned acclaim for its resistance to both the weather and attacks. Using a six pin tumbler lock, the container padlock has a dependable anti-drill protection to provide comprehensive protection.

Graded as a CEN 4 container lock, the Squire WS75 is regarded as a “high security” solution by the Central European Norm, a grading system devised to measure the integrity of locks. Such a high score on this recognised grading scale ultimately establishes trust in the product.     

For convenience, buyers are provided with three numbered keys that use our unique numbering system. This allows multiple users to safely access the container on their own terms without having to coordinate with a principal key holder. Placing a great deal of confidence in this product, Squire offers a ten year manufacturer’s guarantee on our container padlocks.

We only ship our container padlocks to buyers in the United Kingdom and all listed costs include 20% VAT. If you have any further questions, get in touch with the team at Billie Box today. We’ll be happy to discuss all of your requirements and provide all the advice you require to make an informed choice about your shipping containers and container padlocks.

Shipping container padlock FAQs
What is a lock box?

This is a steel housing for a padlock, whereby there is an ‘Eye’ welded to the first door and a ‘box’ welded to the second of the double doors. The ‘box’ closes over the ‘Eye’ and allows a padlock to be fitted inside the casing, which deters bolt croppers from gaining access to the padlock.

What sort of padlock do I use to lock my container?

We recommend a padlock that fits inside the lockbox, we supply a hardened steel padlock that is anti-bump and anti-pick and fits inside the lockbox where it cannot be chopped off with a set of bolt croppers.

How does the shipping container locking system work?

We either supply a lockbox which is fitted here in the UK or on the new units factory fitted. When the padlock is placed inside the lockbox it cannot be accessed by bolt croppers.