What is a Shipping container?

It is either a 20ft or 40ft corten steel box fitted with wooden floor, one set of double doors on one 8ft end, used for transporting goods via sea all over the world. See our article: Facts about Shipping containers We do offer 10ft containers that are built in the same way as a 20ft and 40ft, but they are mainly built for the storage market and not for shipping.

What is a Storage container?

It is a shipping container that is built from corten steel (high tensile steel-corrugated sides and roof) usually with a pair of doors on one end of the container, a marine treated plywood floor and steel cross members on the underside. These containers are ideal a secure static storage facility.  See our article: Facts about Shipping containers

Can I buy a shipping container for storage?

Yes, we offer second hand and new containers, please see our For sale page.

Can I hire or rent a shipping container for storage?

Yes, our minimum rental period is 26 weeks only on 20ft and 40ft containers. Please see our For Hire page.

What sort of condition will the shipping containers be in?

The second hand shipping containers are approx. 10-15 years old and are watertight and structurally sound, they will have surface rust and dents, but mainly solid structures. The New ones are used once, for shipping in from China, they will have minor dents and/or scratches, but are very tidy. Here are buying tips for a second hand container. How to buy a New container.

Why is it difficult to open and shut the container doors?

This could be because the container is not sitting level, this is known as ‘Racked’. When making the container level, we recommend you place something like concrete blocks, or railway sleepers/wood on each corner. The container must sit level. The container actually sits on its corner castings which are 7in square. For more information visit: How to level a shipping container.

Can a shipping container or storage container get condensation?

Yes and No – please read our article about ways to solve condensation. Our best solution is to use Absorpoles.

Are the shipping containers secure?

Yes, they are extremely secure, they are made of corten steel and the double doors can be fitted with a lock box for extra security and our padlocks are supplied with 3 numbered keys (which can only be ordered through this office). Like most things nowadays, there is a way to gain access with the right equipment.

What is a lock box?

This is a steel housing for a padlock, whereby there is an ‘Eye’ welded to the first door and a ‘box’ welded to the second of the double doors. The ‘box’ closes over the ‘Eye’ and allows a padlock to be fitted inside the casing, this deters bolt croppers from gaining access to the padlock.

Do I need planning permission?

These containers are ‘Temporary structures and can be moved at any time with specialist equipment’. However, all councils have different policies on shipping containers for storage. If you are concerned, then we recommend you speak to your local planning department to find out their policy.

Can I load pallets into the container?

Possibly, we don’t actually know what size pallets you are using, however, here are the dimensions for each container.

How do I get a shipping container or storage container delivered?

We use hi-ab lorries (crane-mounted vehicles) to deliver the containers to your site. When on site, the vehicle will be able to offload the container to the side of the vehicle. Please see our Delivery and Collections page & Our Rough guide to transport. If you are unsure of your site, we can carry out a site survey for a small fee. See our video showing the offload of a container – YouTube

Will your lorry drive over grass?

This is weather dependent, if it has been particularly wet, then generally the answer is no. Most of our transport companies are NOT willing to attempt this. Some of our transport guys may request you to sign a disclaimer, that will say that you will repair any damage caused to the vehicle and/or any costs associated with the retrieval of the vehicle, if it gets stuck. However, the driver will make the final decision. See more information.

Is the 8 Wheeler tipper truck the same as an 8 Wheeler Hi ab lorry?

No, please see further explanation here.

Can I have my container offloaded inside a building?

Yes, however, this is dependent on the building interior height, overhead cables, the door sizes and type of interior flooring. Please do call us to discuss your requirements.

Can I have a container offloaded underneath power cables?

Well yes, as long as the working height restrictions are adhered to. Here is our Rough guide to Transportation.

Can my container be offloaded from a public highway?

Yes, you, the client will be responsible for ensuring the road is clear and has sufficient space for our vehicle. We also recommend you seek permission from your local highways dept.

How soon can I have delivery?

We offer 3-5 working days delivery, subject to availability of the equipment and transport operators. However, if you require delivery sooner, then we will endeavour to service your requirements.

What are the payment terms?

We request full payment for all containers, accessories and delivery fees prior to delivery.

Can I put a shipping container on my land?

Yes and No – you will need to review planning permission and vehicular access to ensure this is possible.
Adjust planning permission answer and discuss vehicular access

How do I pay?

We have a couple of options:
– Cheque
– BACS payment – Our bank details are on our invoices
– All payments must be cleared prior to release of any equipment
If you cannot see an answer to your question, then please do contact us and we will endeavour to answer it.