Shipping Container care instructions

  1. Shipping containers and Storage containers must sit level otherwise the doors will not open and close properly. If your site is not level, then we recommend you place a concrete block under each corner of the container. The corner castings are approx. 7 inches square. For more information visit: How to level a shipping container.
  2. We recommend you grease the door hinges & lock rods at regular intervals, in order to keep the doors operating smoothly.
  3. When loading shipping containers and storage containers with goods, please leave a space around the sides and roof in order to allow airflow.
  4. Please ensure all goods are dry prior to loading. If damp goods are placed in the container, then this will cause condensation. See our article on Condensation
  5. When not using Absorpoles, please ensure the doors are opened on a weekly basis to avoid condensation. In particular hot weather spells, opening might be required more frequently.


Container Specification 

This applies to the majority of originally manufactured containers

Billie Box shipping container specification consists of the following components:

  • High quality, Corten steel
  • Internal flooring is approx. 25mm marine-treated (19-ply) plywood or ‘easy clean’ bamboo (Modified floor design without exposed centre rail for a full width wood floor)
  • Steel crossmembers are fitted on the underside (approx. 6in apart, keeping the timber floor in place)
  • Corner castings are integral to the container. Drivers are able to lock the container to the vehicle for transit
  •  The corner castings, corner posts, top and bottom rails are the main structure enabling the shipping container to sit straight
  • Air vents with brackets are fitted to most shipping containers (this reduces the risk of condensation)
  • Double locking bar handles are fitted to the doors, making the unit more secure
  • Fully corrugated side panels
  • Recessed front and rear sills
  • A high-grade exterior and interior paint is used
  • Interior coat specifications minimize reaction with cargo. FDA approved

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