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Billie Box offers delivery and offload of THEIR OWN containers, to your door.

Billie Box delivers and offloads THEIR OWN containers (ONLY) to your premises and collects and loads on the shipping container or storage container at your premises with a Hi ab lorry. Hi ab lorries are Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) fitted with a crane for the purpose of loading and offloading. We rely on you to advise us of any obstacles at your site.

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Here are a few pointers for you to take into account before taking delivery of your shipping container or storage container.

  1. Our containers are delivered on Hi ab vehicles (crane assisted trucks).
  2. The containers will generally be offloaded parallel to the side of the vehicle, which makes the width of the vehicle with offloaded container approx. 25ft including the stretch of the outriggers.
  3. 10ft & 20ft containers are delivered on a 40ft long x 10ft wide rigid vehicle
  4. 40ft containers are delivered on a 60ft long x 10ft wide artic vehicles.
  5. Your site MUST have hard standing for our vehicles. Our transport companies will NOT drive over grass, muddy areas or uneven ground.
  6. We can lift the containers from a main road, but you will need to request written permission from your local highways dept. prior to delivery.
  • If you have any of the following obstacles, then we need to be informed prior to delivery (we may not be able to deliver):
  • Underground cables
  • Manhole covers or drains
  • Overhead cables (HSE stipulates that we must have a clearance of 18m from the top of the crane height which equates to 28m from the ground) This is applicable to any angles away from the cables
  • Lift over buildings, fences or other containers
  • The containers need to be double stacked
  • The container(s) need to be offloaded inside a building
  1. All site prepartion is the customers’ responsibility.
  2. We deliver Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) between 7am and 6.30pm. Things beyond our control may affect your delivery date/time.
  3. Our drivers will call you 1 hour prior to their ETA, so you have a better idea on the day. If you require a specific delivery time, then there will be an extra charge.
  4. Please do keep us informed if there is anything that could prevent your delivery or collection of the containers.
  5. We recommend you check the doors open and shut correctly and that you can lock the container easily, before the Driver removes the chains.
  6. Please advise us, if there are any problems with the container before the driver leaves your site.
Our drivers will ask you to sign a delivery note which will confirm that you are happy with delivery, offloading, that the doors operate correctly and the padlock works (if supplied) and there are no defects with the equipment. If you have any problems or comments you wish to make, please advise us immediately and  also note them on the delivery note.

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