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How to level a shipping container

Last Updated on January 18, 2024

When you buy a shipping container for storage, you need to ensure it is sitting level.

Here are the exact dimensions for each container. Just to highlight a 20ft container is not actually 20ft long.

Checklist for how to level a shipping container

1. You need to ensure that the container is level, otherwise it will be difficult to open and shut the doors. It is just like hanging a window or door in a house, if the door or window frame is not straight then the door will not hang properly.

2. The container sits on its corners.

3. The floor or crossmembers on the underside do not touch the ground.

4. There are 4 corner castings and they are 7in square each.

5. Each corner casting must be level with the other 3 corner castings.

6. Ideal levelling materials are wood, concrete blocks, or metal.

7. Patio slabs will NOT be suitable as they can often break up when the container is positioned.

8. You will need to prepare the area before our driver arrives. However, the driver will ensure the container doors open and shut prior to his departure.

9. Sometimes, the container can lose its levelness after the driver has gone and this can be because the ground has moved, for example, if it is a grassy or muddy area. Tarmac can also prove a problem (as it is not as solid as concrete).

10. Another reason why the container can become un-level is because you have loaded your goods all at one end or to the side and perhaps your wood, metal or concrete blocks are not solid enough. You need to ensure that your goods/cargo are as evenly spread out as possible.

For more information on how to look after your container, visit our Container care guidelines.

How to level a shipping container

This shows a 10ft container with a fabricated end panel, the corner being levelled with steel plate.

Level a container corner casting

This shows a 7in square corner casting (for a new 10ft, second hand new 20ft and new 40ft containers) being levelled with a piece of wood.

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