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shipping containers for hire icon imageBillie Box offers containers for hire or rent on a 20ft or 40ft shipping containers and storage containers for static storage. All our containers are fitted with a lock box on the double doors (padlock housing). Our padlocks are available for sale. Our depots check all shipping/storage containers prior to release to ensure a high standard of storage container.

Our minimum rental periods are 26 weeks with 26 weeks payment required up front along with the delivery and collection charges. Standing orders will be required for all future payments.

Delivery and collection is arranged throughout England & Wales. See our List of depots we have in the UK.

Price List

Prices quoted below are based on a min. 26 week hire period, prices for longer rental terms are available upon request :

Photo Size/Type Container Start from £
New 20ft shipping container 20ft (L) x 8ft (W) x 8’ 6in (H) Storage container Start from £16.00 each per week
40ft container 40ft (L) x 8ft (W) x 8’ 6in (H) Storage container Start from £19.50 each per week
40ft High cube container 40ft (L) x 8ft (W) x 9’ 6in (H) Hi cube Storage container Start from £25.00 each per week

Do you need some temporary high-security storage? Perhaps you are having a house built and need to store some expensive machinery and personal items on-site while your dream home takes shape or you’ve hired or leased a specialist piece of equipment for your company, maybe you’ve ordered a large volume of bulky stock items that won’t fit in your normal warehouse. A long term solution might not be required, but you might be short of a few hundred feet of storage for a few months.

Often shipping containers are overlooked as a potential storage solution due to the permanent nature of ownership, you may feel that the investment is not cost-effective as you don’t need to own a container but need it for just a short term project/bulk stock buy etc or if you are building a house or extending a warehouse, what do you do with it afterwards?

At Billie Box we felt there was a need for a short term lease deal on containers, so as well as selling containers outright, we also rent out containers. The shortest rental period is just 26 weeks (6 months) and the smallest size is a 20ft container. Longer rental periods and different sizes are available.

There are many things you need to consider when renting a container.

1. Weekly Rate – We always offer a minimum hire period of 26 weeks from £16.00 per week plus VAT for a 20ft container. That’s a lot of secure container space for such a low price! Please see our rates for the different sizes available for hire: Container Hire

2. Container Size – We offer two sizes, 20ft and 40ft long. Again, the prices vary depending on the size of the container required and the length of the lease. Just click on the sizes above to see the many configurations we offer.

3. The delivery location – You will be required to pay transport and offload both to and from your site. Transport prices will start from £200.00 plus VAT each way (Delivery and Collection each). It all depends on how close you are to our depot. Here is a list of our depots across England.

4. Your site – You will need to ensure that whoever you hire a shipping container from is aware of these obstacles. Please do have a look at the video below that shows you how a container is offloaded from the vehicle. Please remember if you are doing building work around the container, the area must still be clear for the container collection.

5. Damage incurred to the container – When you hire a shipping container, you will be responsible for the insurance of the container whilst it is in your possession. There will be a ‘Write off value’ for the container on our ‘Hire agreement’. The container must be in the same state it was when you first hired it, so any damage or cleaning required will be billed to you at the end of the lease.

6. Locking system – We supply containers with a Lockbox (shrouded area on the double doors, where you can’t get bolt croppers at the padlock). The lockbox is included in the rental price, however, the padlocks are sold at £75 each plus VAT.

7. Extras – Condensation can be controlled by using Absorpoles, these are Calcium chloride based devices that are used to control the levels of moisture in the container, important if valuable items that can be damaged by damp are to be stored. We can help, just call us for a quote.

So simple. We can solve your short term secure storage problem with or range of containers ready right now for delivery to your site.

Why not call us now so we can quote you for your needs and If you have any questions, then please do call us on 0800 121 7388 or 01473 557409

All prices are subject to GB VAT and availability. Delivery and collection are applicable and charges are available upon application.

We also offer a number of extras such as Absorpoles . Just ask and we will quote.

Why not view our How to hire a container page.

Standard terms and conditions apply and are available upon request.

See our Container Dimensions page

On how to look after your container, please see our Container care guidelines.

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Shipping Container rental FAQs
How much does it cost to rent shipping container

Prices vary according to several factors, please contact us for current pricing or use the quote request form on this page.

Can I hire or rent a shipping container for storage?

Yes, our minimum rental period is 26 weeks only on 20ft and 40ft containers. Please see our For Hire page.

Please have a look at our general Shipping Container FAQs page for more information.