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Mastering Container Logistics: Expert Tips for Delivery, Ground Work and Stacking

Last Updated on April 17, 2024


There is a need for safety when taking delivery of a container or containers (s) on your site. Here is how to master container logistics with expert tips for delivery, ground work and stacking.

There are many questions to consider:

  1. Do you have overhead cables above the area you wish to take delivery of your containers?
  2. What is the ground like where the driver has to drive and the final resting place for the containers?
  3. Are there any manhole covers where the vehicle and/or container has to be positioned?
  4. Are you expecting the containers to be stacked?

Delivery Overhead: Safety First

  1. Our hi ab vehicles and operators MUST NOT offload anything underneath or over any Overhead cables. This can cause Death. I know it sounds dramatic, but it is that dangerous.
  2. If you have any cables anywhere near the area you wish us to offload a container, then you MUST tell us beforehand. For more information please refer to the HSE advice here.
  3. Just so you know our Hi ab vehicle operators will NOT offload anywhere near overhead or underground cables. 
  4. The danger to life and the vehicle damage is too great.

Ground Work Preparation: A Crucial Step

  1. Ground work preparation is very important to the workings of a shipping container for storage
  2. The ground must be solid (NOT TARMAC) and each corner of the container must be level with each other.
  3. If the container is not level, then the container will twist and cause difficulty when opening and shutting the doors.
  4. For more information about levelling please refer to our How to Level a container page
  5. Please ensure the drainage is good around the container. Many people think that if a container is waterproof it means perhaps it can sit in a puddle. We do not recommend you allow this to happen. Water can, over many years, help the container to deteriorate and therefore not last as long as it would if it wasn’t in water.
  6. If you are unsure of your land condition, then we recommend you contact a local builder or construction company to offer advice about your ground works.

Container Stacking Techniques

Shipping containers can be stacked, but you must be aware that there are various safety precautions that must be followed:

  1. We recommend the ground is absolutely solid (preferably hard core – NO tarmac) to ensure the stack does not move when the containers are loaded.
  2. When stacking containers remember the top container still has the double doors and it can be very difficult to open them by just being on a ladder or even a mobile staircase
  3. You must have adequate staircases, landings and fitments in order for the user to be able to open and shut the double doors on the top container safely.
  4. The landing/staircases must be away from the bottom container, again to ensure the double doors can be opened and closed easily.
  5. We always recommend using locking stacking cones in between the top and bottom container. This will ensure that the 2 containers stay in position.  
  6. Safety is paramount when stacking containers.

Photo above – This is similar to a Locking stacking cone. Each cone sits on the top of each corner casting on the bottom container and then the top container is placed ontop of the cones and the cones are locked into place.

Conclusion: Trust Our Expertise

Preparation is key.

We ask that you look out for these particular hazards above, so we can give you the benefit our experience. 

If you are unsure about your site in any way, then we would recommend you send us photos and perhaps a drawing and a video of your site so we can check things out with our transport guys before you order.

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