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Can I Put a Shipping Container on My Driveway? Everything You Need to Know

shipping container delivery

Last Updated on July 9, 2024

So many customers ask the question: Can I put a shipping container on my driveway?

Shipping containers for storage are becoming more popular, in particular to the private house owner, where they are extending their house, doing a new-build on their land or re-build of their home. 

Legal considerations

The local authorities may well require the homeowner to apply for planning permission. Please see our post here for more information.

Our vehicles are not allowed to be on a national highway whilst offloading a container. You would need to seek permission from the local highways department beforehand. For more information please click here.

If there are overhead cables/obstructions then this can cause problems. For more information please click here.

shipping container delivery

Size and space required

You will need to measure your driveway in order to work out what size container you can accommodate. Please note that hedges/fences and other obstructions can cause problems.

We offer 20ft x 8ft and 40ft x 8ft containers. 

The 20ft containers will be transported on a 40ft rigid vehicle with hi ab and the 40ft will be transported on a 60ft arctic vehicle with hi ab.

There must not be any overhead cables or overhanging trees in the way. The vehicle must have good solid ground in order to park and offload the container and take the weight of the vehicle with a crane and container. 

The vehicle will offload the container to the side of the vehicle and they must have sufficient space to put the outriggers off to the side of the vehicle. 

Each vehicle has a different lifting capacity and distances.

The best way forward would be to send us a drawing with dimensions along with photos and perhaps a video of your site with access points.

Ground preparation

The shipping container must be sitting level and therefore the ground that you are hoping to place the container must be solid/not moveable. Each corner of the container must be level with each other.

Please note, tarmac is not suitable as the container wll weigh 2.25T plus your goods. On hot weather days tarmac can move.

For more information about ‘How to level your container’ 

Accessibility and usage

It is crucial that you can use the shipping container that you have in your driveway. Ensure there will be suitable access for you to use the container with ease.

The double doors are at one 8ft end of the container and each door will be approx. 4ft wide, so always good to make sure you have sufficient opening space.

The doors fold back to the sides of the container and can be hooked back to avoid swinging doors whilst you are using the shipping container.

The double doors have a lockbox fitted, which is a shrouded area for holding your padlock. The area of the lockbox can prevent access with bolt croppers.

Neighbours and community impact

Some neighbours think shipping containers are unsightly, this is obviously subjective. If you find a neighbour is not happy with the look of the container then they could complain to the local authorities planning department.

If you want to keep the peace then often a New (one trip) container would be much better than a 15 year old container.

We at Billie Box offer a sale or rent service, so you will need to work out whether you want a container on a temporary or permanent basis.

20ft shipping containers being transported
20ft shipping containers being transported

Second hand 20ft shipping container (approx. 15 years old)

20ft new Shipping container
20ft new Shipping container

New (one trip) 20ft shipping container

Insurance and security

The double doors of the container can be fitted with a lockbox which is like a shrouded area for a padlock. This lockbox is an area where you cannot gain access by using bolt croppers. 

The padlocks we supply are of high quality.

Additionally, we recommend that you arrange insurance for your shipping container and it’s contents.


Here is a checklist, to answer the question ‘Can I put a shipping container on my driveway?’

  1. Check the size of your driveway
  2. Check for overhead cables, overhanging trees and any obstructions
  3. Do you need the container to be lifted from the road?
  4. Is the ground suitable for both the vehicle and the shipping container
  5. Are your neighbours OK with this shipping container on your driveway?
  6. Check with the local planning department, to see if you need planning permission.
  7. Make sure your insure your container and contents
  8. Work out whether you need a new or used container 
  9. Work out what size container will suit your requirements
  10. Is the ground level
  11. Do you want to buy or hire the shipping container

If you have any other questions or need more advice then please contact us on 0800 121 7388 

We at Billie Box are here to help you.