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Partnering for Success: Billie Box Joins the Federation of Small Business

Last Updated on July 4, 2024

Billie Box has recently joined the Federation of Small Business. Joining the FSB allows Billie Box to connect with numerous like-minded small businesses across the UK. The networking events offered by the FSB nationwide foster increased collaboration between businesses.

About Billie Box

Billie Box started selling and renting shipping containers with delivery to your door in August 2012. 

Our company has gone from strength to strength over the years. From zero customers to over 1400 customers, of which 30% are repeat customers, selling over 4000 containers and hiring over 200. Jane, Clare and Matt have over 60 years of combined container knowledge and experience in the container industry.

Billie Box has spent many years building trust with their customers and fundraising for the local community. 

With the benefits of joining the Federation of Small business, it means we can collaborate with many like minded businesses all over the UK.

 Understanding Federation of Small Business and Its Importance

The benefits of being a member of the FSB:

  • Introduction to thousands of different businesses across the UK
  • Business support hub
  • Training courses for our staff
  • Powerful voice in Government to ensure small businesses are heard

This will help improve our services, open up business opportunities, enhance our business practices and feel that the Government is listening to our concerns.

With the protection of the Federation of Small Business, means we can offer an even better service to our customers.

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We offer:

🔵 20ft & 40ft Shipping Container for storage for hire

🔵 20ft & 40ft Shipping Container for storage for sale

🔵 10ft & 20ft Chemical storage Containers for sale

🔵 20ft Portable Container Offices for sale

🔵 Bespoke Container Conversions

🔵 All with delivery to your door

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