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Lock up your valuables

Last Updated on March 25, 2024

What has your outbuilding or shed got in it? A bike or two, these could be worth anything from a hundred pounds to several thousand pounds each, lawnmowers can be approaching a thousand pounds, perhaps even a quad-bike or classic motorcycle are inside. Are you a member of an allotment association needing to store rotavators and strimmers or a community sports club with grounds person’s equipment? All of the items mentioned above are highly desirable and very easy to move and steal, how much would they cost to replace? Often many thousands. So is your storage secure? Is it locked with a cheap padlock across a wooden door or perhaps has a large window that can be broken or removed.

In the year to March 2021, there were 440,000 domestic burglary cases in England and Wales (Source – A lot of those crimes would have been outbuildings and sheds being broken into. We secure our homes with high-security locks but leave some of our most valuable possessions in poorly protected places. Sometimes sheds and outbuildings are broken into by opportunistic thieves hunting for the tools they need to break into the property they are targeting. Your poorly protected tools may enable a thief to break into your home.

What’s the answer? At Billie Box we have an excellent solution. Shipping containers can be used as secure storage and start from just eight feet long and go as big as forty feet long. (sizes in between are ten and twenty feet). One of the smaller units could be used in a large garden or on communal allotments, larger units could be used on farms to protect small tractors and quad-bikes etc. There are no windows to be broken and they are constructed from corten steel (high tensile steel). Solid steel walls protect your valuable items.

The doors are secured with a hardened steel padlock supplied with three high-security keys and can be fitted with a lockbox – A steel shroud around the lock that prevents physical attack directly on the padlock for added security. Any attempt to gain access to the unit with noisy machinery would certainly attract unwanted attention, well before the container is even scratched.

Another benefit of using our secure containers is that your insurance costs could be reduced, if your valuables are behind locked steel doors and steel walls the risk to the insurance company is reduced, so they may reduce your premium, or even insure something that they previously considered a too higher risk. All insurance companies have different criteria. It’s worth contacting yours, to see if it will save you money – a saving isn’t guaranteed but certainly a possibility.

Contact Jane Billing at Billie Box for a quote on your needs, It could tidy up and declutter your premises, giving your company or organisation a more professional image to visitors and potential customers, whilst preventing the distress and loss of a break-in.

Remember: Prevention is better than cure…

Call Jane and Matt today on 0800 121 7388 or get in touch via our contact page…