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Rural Crime

Last Updated on April 25, 2024

Securing Your Rural Assets: Shipping Containers and Rural Crime

Understanding Rural Crime Trends

NFU mutual reported that from 2022 to 2023 the cost of rural crime rose by 22% which equates to £49.5 million.


These figures really are causing a lot of problems for the farming and rural community.

Utilizing Shipping Containers: A Common Solution

Shipping containers are so versatile when it comes to security. They are built of Cor-ten steel, which is a high tensile steel making them robust. The locking system is very simple but equally secure. We supply a high security padlock that makes it even more secure.

Storage in shipping containers is one of the best of ensuring your goods are safe and secure in a rural area.

As for the container itself, there are very few vehicles that can lift a full container, and that type of vehicle really is cumbersome and time consuming when it comes to lifting and taking away.

Unpacking Rural Crime: Key Challenges and Fortifying Your Assets

Specific rural crime challenges such as theft and vandalism, demonstrates the need for proactive security measures.

Yes I guess anything can be damaged or broken if you have the right kit to hand. A container is a specialised piece of equipment and like I said earlier, the movement of a shipping container can be pretty difficult and time consuming.

Some farmers and other rural sites add a burglar alarm system, a tracking device to the containers and some even use CCTV. Neighbour watch or community groups can be vigilant. All these are deterrents and can help hinder the opportunists.

Choosing Reliable Partners: The Supplier Factor

We supply our customers with a secure site storage container along with a locking mechanism that gives them peace of mind. Our padlock page shows that our locks are second to none.

Taking Action: Protecting Your Rural Investments

We recommend you do some of the following to ensure your shipping container is secure and protects your precious goods.

  1. Make sure you have a good locking system
  2. Fill your container up with heavy duty goods, that will stop anyone being able to lift the container
  3. Join a local community group, whereby you can help each other out to look out for opportunists
  4. Add CCTV in hidden places, still giving you a good view of what is going on around your container
  5. Perhaps add a burglar alarm, with a loud noise that perhaps deters the burglar
  6. Maybe add a tracking device in case your container is stolen

We hope this helps you decide how you can secure your goods and assets safely.

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