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Storage Containers in a room

Last Updated on January 18, 2024

A couple of weeks ago, we had an enquiry from a company in North London that had been burgled a number of times. They were hooked up directly to the police station and still the police didn’t turn up for 45 minutes. The equipment they were storing is extremely high value and really difficult to replace. So when they called us to say they needed 3 x 8ft storage containers and then requested them to be placed inside a building, we had to put our ‘thinking caps’ on. Firstly, we spoke to our transport company to see if they could ‘skate’ the containers into the building. Unfortunately, the ‘skates’ that they had were not suitable for the carpet inside the building and they made the containers too high for the doorway. We were then introduced to a specialist company that offered ‘skates’ and labour to push the containers into the building and put them into position.

Once we had all the quotes to hand, our customer then agreed to order the containers from us. With the nature of the area, being so very busy with traffic, we had to arrange a 6am start. With all this in mind, the job went ahead today and we are very pleased to report that it was successful!

Here are the photos showing the 3 x 8ft containers arriving on site, offloaded, skated into the room and positioned in their final resting place.

Delivery and offload of 3 x 8ft sea containers Containers arrived on site

Offloading 8ft sea container Offloading of containers

8ft sea container going inside a buildingContainer being pushed through doorway

8ft shipping inside a buildingContainer being positioned inside room

3 x 8ft storage containers inside a buildingAll 3 containers lined up inside the building

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