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Chemical stores for Schools

Last Updated on February 26, 2024

Chemical storage is increasingly becoming an issue in schools of all sizes.  Our Chemical Stores are suitable for many industries in particular Schools, colleges and Universities.

For the last 5 years we have been selling chemical / pesticide stores to the Farmers and Universities. For the farming industry we have set up a website called ChemicalStorage4Farmers. This has significantly increased our chemical storage container sales and the Billie Box reputation in the Chemical storage market. Our customers buy from us with confidence.

Many Schools, Colleges & Universities are under pressure to store their chemicals safely and securely. Billie Box Chemical storage containers are fitted with a lock box and supplied with a hardened steel padlock that fits inside the lock box. If any opportunist thieves or vandals try to break in, you need to be sure that the locking mechanism is suitable to keep the store secure.

Billie Box Chemical Stores are fitted with a clear decal on the door saying ‘Dangerous chemicals’ (meaning “Enter at your peril”).  Part of the reason for clear labelling is to mitigate potential litigation. When a Chemical Store is clearly labelled as hazardous, if unwanted intruders get injured from a chemical spillage, then it shouldn’t be your fault.

Even with good safety procedures in place accidents can still happen.  To prevent chemicals spilling out of the container a low physical barrier  is fitted by the doors to the container. This barrier is called a ‘bund’. The bunded floor ensures that any chemical spill does not seep out onto your site (where children and students are walking) or into any nearby water course.

We know that our chemical storage containers are perfect as a secure facility for your School, College or University.  Buying a Billie Box Chemical Store is the safe, simple way to keep your dangerous chemicals secure.

Billie Box Chemical stores meet with the Health and Safety executive’s criteria, giving you the confidence that our stores are suitable for your secure storage requirements.

Billie Box is featuring in the ‘Pitchcare’ online Buyers guide now.

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