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Rent a shipping container with a simple phone call

Rent a shipping container with a simple phone call Did you know that it’s actually very easy to hire a container from Billie Box? If you’ve never hired one before, or you’ve had trouble in the past, you might be unsure about future container hire. We’re here to show you how renting a container from Billie Box can be accomplished with a few simple steps, starting with a phone call. Reasons to rent a shipping container Are you renovating your home? Require storage space for your business? Hosting an event such as a festival or market? Whatever the reason,…

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40ft Shipping Containers to buy

40ft container

Billie Box offers a number of 40ft shipping containers with different configurations for sale with nationwide delivery: 40ft shipping containers 40ft Long x 8ft Wide x 8ft 6in High standard storage container: Double doors on one 8ft end only (Second hand or new) 40ft shipping container External dimensions: 40 ft Long (12.9 m)  – 8 ft wide (2.43 m)  – 8 ft 6 in high (2.59 m) 40ft shipping container Internal dimensions: 39 ft 6 in Long (12.04 m) – 7 ft 8 in wide (2.33 m) – 7 ft 10 in high (2.38 m) Door opening dimensions: 7…

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