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5 ways an office container can save you money

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Last Updated on October 4, 2023

Whether you’re a small business, a not-for-profit or a self-employed individual, your office space most likely accounts for a large chunk of your outgoings. As a small company ourselves, we at Billie Box can identify with the difficulty of striking the balance between keeping costs down and finding an office space which suits your needs.
Like many business owners, you might have spent hours on the internet, searching local listings for office rentals. However, there is one option you might not have considered: converted shipping containers.
Converted shipping containers make excellent office spaces which can save you money.
They are practical and budget friendly alternatives to standard offices with many other benefits, including mobility and security, ideal for a growing business. Here are five ways an office container can help you save money:

1. They’re mobile

As the saying goes, you don’t know what the future holds. You could find that, in a year’s time, you identify a new market and need to move location. In rented office accommodation, this could mean giving several months’ notice, spending money on rent that you could have otherwise saved, and allocating valuable time to looking for an office in your new location, which could be more expensive than your current rental.
Converted shipping containers can be moved easily with the right equipment. If for any reason you decide to relocate, your office can come with you. No need to dismantle the container; it can be transported as it is. This is particularly suited to construction companies who require temporary onsite portable offices.

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New (once used from China) 20ft x 8ft storage container

2. They deter thieves

Mobile or portable offices in converted shipping containers offer effective anti-theft features. A steel personnel door is provided with each unit, which features a 10-lever locking system to deter thieves or vandals. Additionally, each of the two 3ft x 3ft windows feature exterior lockable steel shutters.
When closed and secured, the door and window defences make it very difficult for thieves to break into the unit. This provides peace of mind that your office equipment or stock will be safe while you are away from your office.

Office container

3. They can double up as storage space

Storage facilities can be expensive, which is why converted shipping containers are popular with business owners. If you require a dedicated storage space as well as an office, we offer a ‘50/50’ option which provides you with a working environment and store, separated by a built-in partition.
The storage space is accessible by the original container doors, which feature a lock box for security. This is an ideal space for storing stock which might have otherwise cluttered your office, leaving you with a tidy work space which not only benefits your physical and mental well-being, but also allows you to present your business in a professional way to visiting clients and colleagues.

4. They help you avoid rising rent prices

Many business owners struggle with finding a working environment which suits their budget, and the situation is only getting tougher. Rising rent is an issue which affects the entire country. It hinders growing companies, making it difficult for entrepreneurs to get to the next step in their business plans.
However, an office container can help you avoid losing a substantial portion of your income to rent. The only aspect you’ll need to consider is the land on which your container will sit.
This might be in your garden at home, on another site which you have purchased, or in a temporary space. As long as the land is accessible in order to place or remove the container, there is sufficient space for the doors to open, and the surface on which the container sits is level, you can place your container almost anywhere with permission.

5. They adapt to your needs

As your business evolves, you might find that your working environment needs to adapt to these changes. A converted shipping container offers versatility, as it can be re-purposed time after time in order to suit your needs, whereas a rented office or commercial space may not be able to accommodate major changes.
For example, if you are a shop owner, but you have made the decision to convert your business into one which offers cafe style food and drink to your customers, this can be accomplished in a converted shipping container with the installation of kitchen facilities.
Conversely, in rented spaces, your landlord may not have allowed a change of use such as this, forcing you to move your business elsewhere.

In conclusion

Can a converted shipping container office save you money? Absolutely. These units are well suited to a variety of businesses, with a myriad of other benefits. If you are interested in purchasing a container for your business, please get in touch with Jane or Matt today on 0800 121 7388.