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8ft storage container to buy

Billie Box offers an 8ft long by 7ft wide secure shipping containers for sale only with UK Nationwide delivery:

8ft Long by 7ft Wide by 7ft 6in High standard secure shipping container for storage.
Double doors on one 7ft end only (new only)

Please be advised WE ONLY SELL NEW 8ft units

8ft container for storage
This picture shows an 8ft secure shipping container being positioned inside a building. Click here for the case study.

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8ft storage container External dimensions:

8 ft Long (2.43m) – 7 ft wide (2.13m)  – 7 ft 6 in high (2.28m)

8ft storage container Internal dimensions:

7 ft 8 in Long (2.33m) – 6 ft 8 in wide (2.03m)  – 6 ft 8 in high (2.03m)

Door opening dimensions:

6 ft 6 in wide (1.98m)  – 6 ft 6 in high (1.98m)


Tare weight = 950 Kg (2,100 lbs)

Max Gross weight = 6,000 Kg (13,343 lbs)

Cubic Capacity = 9.95 cubic meters (351 cubic feet)

Specification: Corten steel walls, ceilings and double doors with a 25mm marine treated plywood floor. These are NOT suitable for shipping purposes.

The containers are perfect to site in a small confined space. Great for outside sheds and small garages. We can also modify them to make into chemical storage containers. Chemical stores are suitable for the agricultural industry.

Many of our customers use this type of container for storage. Customers include; schools, sports clubs, farmers, hotels, offshore companies, construction companies to name but a few.

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10ft Shipping Container with an 8ft storage container inside

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