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Cheap shipping containers: What to watch out for

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Cheap shipping containers: What to watch out for

There are many companies offering ‘cheap shipping containers’ these days. These companies often have professional-looking websites, ‘five star reviews’ and an all-round legitimate appearance. However, their use of the word ‘cheap’ should send alarm bells ringing.

There is a reason why companies offering certain goods and services can do so for a very low price: they often compromise on quality and service. When it comes to buying a shipping container – whether it’s for the storage of commercial or personal goods, for converting into an office or canteen, or for a chemical storage solution – good quality and service are a must-have, and may actually save you money down the line.

Here’s why you shouldn’t buy cheap shipping containers.

Poor service

At Billie Box, we do our utmost to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their container purchase or hire, and this is reflected in our excellent customer service. When it comes to companies who sell cheap shipping containers, you may find that they provide poor service which can range from a lack of communication to inconvenient mistakes with transactions. They do not care about reputation or retaining their customers, which is why they are able to get away with such poor service.

Lack of knowledge

We challenge you to find something that we don’t know about shipping containers. We’ve worked in this industry for many years, and we know shipping containers inside out – literally! On the other hand, companies who sell containers on the cheap are likely to have little experience with their products. Quite often, these businesses are re-sellers who buy containers in bulk at a very low cost, then sell them off at a marked up price. They will not be able to answer your difficult questions about containers with the ease and confidence of our team at Billie Box.

Low quality product

You might think, ‘a shipping container is a shipping container’. However, you’d be wrong in believing that low quality shipping containers do not exist. We’ve seen many damages and defects on cheap containers that render them insecure and, in some cases, virtually unusable. These range from doors that get stuck when opening or closing, to rust on the gaskets that keep containers watertight, to rotting wood flooring inside the container. Our containers are quality checked to ensure you are receiving a product that functions well and suits your needs.

Trouble with delivery

Companies offering cheap products and services often work with similar companies. Therefore, a company providing cheap shipping containers will likely work with a cheap delivery company in order to provide a low overall cost to their customers. This may result in your shipping container being handled by a delivery company that has no experience in transporting containers. They may damage it or cause an issue on your site, and this can lead to more costs or even inconvenient insurance claims.

No add-ons

There are many different uses for a shipping container, which is why we offer a range of accessories, allowing you to customise your container to suit your requirements. From padlocks to repaints, we can make sure that you have the ‘full package’ when it comes to your order. However, cheaper companies often lack these options, leaving you with the very bare minimum. This may result in you later realising that you require extra items, and having to spend more money purchasing them at a much higher price than what you would’ve paid if you had bought your container through a more reputable company.

There is a difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘cost effective’. At Billie Box, we make sure we’re the latter, as we offer the highest level of customer service and top quality products to save you money in the long run.

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