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School Refurbishment

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Last Updated on October 4, 2023

Shipping containers for school and college refurbishment

This week, the UK Government announced a ten-year plan for the refurbishment of schools and colleges across the nation. With over £1 billion in funding, it is the first major rebuilding programme to be launched since 2014, and will begin as soon as 2020-21.

You may be familiar with the use of converted shipping containers for offices, but they can also be used to increase space in schools and colleges. Likewise, regular shipping containers can also be utilised by these institutions for storage. If you are an educational institution planning to refurbish, you may want to consider a shipping container or converted container for reasons outlined below.

Converted shipping containers for increased space in schools

Converted shipping containers are ideal for use in schools and colleges. A converted container is very different from a regular container – although they may look similar from a distance. While they are both made with weather-resistant corten steel, converted containers are insulated, and fitted with doors, windows, lighting and heating systems – everything you may need for a comfortable teaching environment.

These containers can be positioned as required, as long as there is access for a forklift. Each container is fitted with forklift pockets, corner posts and corner castings, making it very easy to install and relocate as needed, with the right equipment. 

If you are looking to use a converted shipping container as an IT room, a canteen or design technology room where high value equipment is present, you also have the benefit of the strong corten steel exterior, steel reinforced entrance door with strong locks, and windows with lockable steel shutters. This helps deter and prevent theft or vandalism, which is essential in a school environment to protect students and staff, as well as expensive equipment.

School design in a post-lockdown UK

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that we consider design for establishments such as schools and colleges. To prepare for education post-lockdown, converted containers may be used either as temporary classrooms, or alternatively as permanent solutions to the issue of social distancing in classroom environments in case the pandemic continues or develops.

As more children return to school, it is possible that classes need to reduce in size in order to accommodate more space between students. Converted shipping containers fulfill this need by creating more classrooms at a much lower cost than would be required to extend school buildings.

Shipping container storage for schools and colleges

If you are a school or college undergoing refurbishment in future, you will likely need storage for equipment while the refurbishment is taking place, whether that’s sports apparatus, computers, furniture such as desks and chairs, or other equipment. Shipping containers are excellent for this purpose, as they are weather-resistant, watertight, fire resistant and can deter thieves with the use of a lockbox and padlock

As mentioned earlier, shipping containers are ideal for temporary storage as they can be easily installed, relocated and removed with a forklift. We can arrange delivery and collection should you wish to hire a container for storage through Billie Box.

Interested in hiring a container for storage or purchasing a converted shipping container? Do not hesitate to contact Jane today on 0800 121 7388 or 01473 557409.