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From Factory to Property: Managing Scratches on Delivered New Shipping Containers

Last Updated on April 17, 2024

New (One Trip – used once) shipping containers can often have scratched paintwork due to the following reasons:

  1. Handling of the container from the Factory to the port in China
  2. Lifting from the Port to Ship
  3. Lifting from the Ship to Port
  4. Lifting within the container depots
  5. Lifting on and off trucks at site

The Reality of Handling 

Normally, it can take anything up to 6 months for a new container to be built and delivered to our UK container depots.

Sadly, containers are not wrapped up in cotton wool (we would love that, but that would cost loads extra 🙂)! Scratches are unavoidable.

Container ports, depots and truck operators simply do not treat the containers with the care we would hope. They all have time constraints that they have to deal with. As you can appreciate, time is money!

Containers are lifted from either the top or bottom corners with cranes or HIAB vehicles fitted with chains, or forklift trucks. 

The photo below shows the container being lifted by a telehandler (in our container depot) which can cause scratches to the cornerposts. Sadly there is no other depot lifting option.

Impact on Quality

Having scratches on a shipping container does not impact the quality of the container. These containers are built from 1.6mm Corten steel which has a high tensile strength.

We do ask our depots to check these containers for scratches and try to rectify them before the container leaves the depot; however, the telehandler can still cause more scratches.

The only thing is that they will not be aesthetically pleasing and the only way to rectify this is to touch up the paintwork at the container’s final destination – your site. 

We recommend you touch up the paintwork on the scratched areas sooner rather than later. We can supply container paint at an extra cost.


We always try to offer the best condition container for our customers. However, there are times when things are simply out of our control.

For more information about how to look after your container please click here.

For information about the specifications please click here.

We always aim to ensure your experience with us will be the best that we can make it. 

However, if you have any concerns during delivery, then please do contact us immediately, before the driver leaves your site. 

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