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Equipment Finance Lease & HP

Billie Box knows that many businesses like to keep their cash-flow in tact. When buying large equipment e.g. 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, storage containers or chemical storage containers or 20ft Office,canteens or office/stores, we know that the cost can stretch your bank account, so we have teamed up with Moorgate Finance.

Moorgate Finance offers highly competitive financial solutions for both vehicles and assets which includes shipping containers, storage containers, portable offices or chemical storage containers. This means you can run your business by keeping your cash-flow in a sensible position, giving you peace of mind.

Moorgate Finance are members of the National Federation of Finance Brokers and therefore they have a strict code of practice to adhere to. They also hold the Data protection certificate and the Consumer credit licence, which ensures that your discussions with them are totally confidential.

To obtain a highly competitive quotation for your shipping container, storage container, and or chemical storage container, and or portable office from Moorgate Finance T: 01908 926262, please ask for Oliver Young and quote: Billie Box

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