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Hospital site accommodation units

Last Updated on October 10, 2023

We were asked by a local hospital to provide several accommodation and storage units, earlier in the year.

Many hospitals find themselves short on storage space, especially during surges in demand or during redevelopment phases. Most hospitals have occupied the sites they are on for many years, so in many cases, it may appear that all usable space on a hospital site has already been allocated. A shipping container can be the ideal solution for providing safe, secure and watertight storage.

Although they are traditionally used for storage, we also convert shipping containers into offices and canteens.

The Hospital site accommodation shopping list included:

  1. Site Office
  2. Site Canteen
  3. Wheelchair Access ramp
  4. Stacking required
  5. Staircase

We have been working for the Hospital for a number of years now and we are their ‘go to’ container company. We feel very priviledged to be able to help.

Our repair guys prepared the office and canteen units with ‘Dado trunking’ and then the customer added the cabling.

The wheelchair access ramp and staircase were built to work with the accommodation units.

Here are the units in situ

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