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How to easily expand storage at a hospital, school or supermarket

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Last Updated on October 4, 2023

With the current social distancing measures in place in the UK due to COVID-19, many businesses have been deemed non-essential and have been asked to close by the government. Here at Billie Box, we are still very much open and functioning as an essential business; this is because container storage is a highly practical and accessible way to expand storage at other essential businesses and facilities, such as hospitals, supermarkets and schools.

Why container storage is necessary during a crisis

In times of crisis such as the situation we are currently experiencing, container hire can help to alleviate the stress of equipment storage. Due to the requirements of dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, hospitals are requiring extra storage for surgical masks, medicines and other medical equipment; supermarkets are in need of storage for high-demand items such as larder essentials and canned goods; and schools may need to store supplies that are temporarily out of use during the current term, when many children are being homeschooled.

Practical temporary storage solutions

Shipping containers are an excellent form of temporary storage for the following reasons:

  • Shipping containers can be easily placed, relocated and removed with the correct equipment. This means that you can have a shipping container delivered and placed with minimal effort, move it if it requires relocating in future, and have it removed from your premises if and when you decide that you no longer need it.
  • These units are, by nature, very secure. They are used to transport goods across the world; therefore they must be secure in order to prevent theft. At Billie Box, our containers can be purchased with a lock box and padlock to deter thieves with bolt croppers.
  • Shipping containers are weather-proof. Again, being used to transport goods across the world, shipping containers are subject to harsh weather conditions on ships, which is why they are created in such a way to preserve their contents. This is a vital factor for food and medical equipment storage.
  • Containers are available in a range of sizes for a multitude of purposes. Whether you are a primary school in need of a regular 20ft x 8ft container, or a supermarket chain with larger requirements, there is a shipping container to suit your needs.
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New (once used from China) 20ft x 8ft storage container

Other ways a container can be used

Not only are shipping containers excellent temporary storage solutions, converted shipping containers can also be used as offices and canteens. We currently have a number of 20ft portable offices and canteens available from the Grays, Essex area. Please contact us right away on 0800 121 7388 to secure a portable office for your use.

For example, it was recently reported that retired NHS staff have been asked to return to work to help the service cope with rising patient numbers during the COVID-19 outbreak. With a higher number of staff on site and a limited number of locations for staff to rest, a converted container can be used as a staff room or even an extra office space.

In a corporate environment such as a supermarket headquarters, an extra office is helpful for adhering to social distancing guidelines by offering separate space for staff to minimise infection. 

For schools, a converted container may even be used as an extra space to house children of key workers during lessons, in case there are too many children in a classroom to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

20ft Office interior
20ft Office interior
portable office, portable space, office,
20ft Exterior of Portable Office

These are just a few examples of how shipping containers and converted containers can help during this difficult time. If you require container storage or an extra office or canteen space for your establishment, do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 121 7388.