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Finding a Secure Site Storage Container: The Ultimate Guide

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Last Updated on March 18, 2024

A secure storage container is an absolute given for any work site. Whether you’re looking to safeguard valuable equipment, sensitive documents, or essential materials, you need a container that will keep you resting easy at night knowing your valuables are safely tucked away. Now, while they might all look like a giant colourful metal box, storage units come in a plethora of options ranging from traditional lock-and-key mechanisms to state-of-the-art biometric technology. Fret not, though, as these are all the secure site storage containers you could need.

What are the Different Types of Storage Containers?

  1. Steel Shipping Containers
    Steel shipping containers are the ones you’re most likely familiar with by sight. They’re large, durable, and made out of metal. Steel shipping containers were originally designed for shipping goods overseas, but we humans have found various uses for them throughout the years, such as using them as storage containers or even as houses. The reason steel shipping containers are so versatile is because of their sturdy construction and lockable doors, making them perfect for locking away that old banger you plan on renovating one day. You can find some steel shipping containers for sale from us.

  2. Modular Storage Units
    Unlike steel shipping containers, modular storage units are more “traditional” storage units. They’re customisable, easy to use, and can be assembled on-site for your specific requirements in no time. Modular storage units have been used on work sites for decades and for good reason. They come in various sizes and configurations, and you can even soup them up with extra safety features such as heavy-duty locks and reinforced walls. Just be careful not to leave one of them unopened for too long before it finds its way to being bid for on Storage Wars.

  3. Storage Sheds
    Perhaps you’re not looking for anything too big for work or construction and just want to tuck away some tools and old stuff your partner wishes you would throw away. For that, a storage shed is ideal. Storage sheds are perfect for gardens and houses. They come in a wide range of materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. A storage shed can also be customisable to fit the theme and look of your house, and if it’s big enough, it makes for a perfect escape room for some much-needed quiet time on a weekend. Just like modular units and shipping containers, sheds can be outfitted with locks and other security features.

  4. Portable Storage Containers
    Sometimes it’s much easier to just haul equipment or materials to your destination site and for that, portable storage containers were made. The upsides to this type of container are its small size, portability, and ease of transportation. These containers are used temporarily when a job or task requires some mobility.

  5. Climate Controlled Storage Units
    Not everything can be stored in any regular storage unit, and so climate-controlled storage units were born. If you’re stashing away electronics, important documents, plants, chemicals, or anything that could be severely affected by the weather, then you’ll need climate-controlled storage units. These units are equipped with heating, cooling, and humidity controls, giving the contents of the unit the best environment possible. Just imagine how many fires could be prevented without overheating electronics or chemicals.

What Else Should I Consider When Buying a Storage Container?

Once you’ve figured out which site storage container is best for you, it’s time to consider smaller variables such as size, durability, security features, and budget. After all, a lot of people buy a massive unit to store only a few smaller items, wasting both money and space. When you’re making the purchase, it’s also vital to check delivery and installation options, as well as any warranties or guarantees offered by the supplier. Just a couple of simple questions could save you a lot of money down the line.

Lastly, it’s important to check local regulations to ensure compliance with any restrictions on storage container placement or use in your area. As for which site storage container we would recommend, it has to be the shipping containers; they’re extremely secure, robust, and can last anywhere from 15 to 40 years.

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