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Watertight containers

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

Shipping containers are generally sold as ‘Watertight containers’.  This usually refers to the fact that the roof, side panels and doors are all watertight, intact and do not leak.

With all the FLOODS that have occurred during the last few years in various areas of the UK, the health of your container could be at risk!

The Floor of a shipping container is 28mm marine treated plywood with steel underside cross members 6 inches apart and bitumen in between. If a shipping container were to sit in a puddle or even be in flooded water, after a period, the wooden floor would start to de-laminate and eventually let in water, therefore rendering the container ‘NOT watertight’.

Watertight containers merely refer to the fact that they will not let in water via the roof or side panels.

So we recommend when thinking about buying a shipping container, that you ensure the container is positioned in a low-risk flood/waterlogged area.

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Flooded sea container

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We wish to send our sympathies to all those flood victims in the UK. We wish them luck with putting their property and lives back to together in the coming months and years.

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