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Architrail Velosolutions UK uses Billie Box container storage at London BMX track

Architrail Velosolutions UK uses Billie Box container storage at London BMX track
We are excited to announce that we have worked with Architrail Velosolutions UK to provide
a Billie Box container as a storage solution at their new BMX track at Langdon Park in
Poplar, London.
Having designed the BMX track, which opened for use in April this year, Architrail
Velosolutions UK were on the lookout for a storage solution for equipment, including the
generator for the track start gate, as well as numerous BMX bikes.
Based in Bristol, Architrail have planned, designed and constructed trails across the UK over
the past decade. Their clients include Red Bull and the National Trust, and on this particular
occasion they have worked closely with Access Sport, as well as Poplar HARCA, Langdon
Park BMX Bike Club and the Council to create a facility for people of all ages to enjoy.
Our Billie Box storage containers were the perfect fit for this project. We supplied a 20ft
container which provided ample space for the track equipment. Whilst we also offer smaller
8ft and 10ft storage containers, as well as a much larger 40ft option, the aforementioned size
was ideal for Architrail’s requirements.
As any cycling enthusiast will know, a leaky storage facility can cause rust to the bicycle
chain and other parts. Due to the fact that shipping containers are transported by boat, they
need to be watertight, making them the perfect place for storing BMX bikes. We supplied a
new shipping container to the BMX site in Langdon Park and, although we cannot guarantee
lifespans, new containers should provide around 30 to 40 years of watertight storage life. We
also supply secondhand containers which we have refurbished to become watertight; most
of these containers are between 10 to 12 years old and should have a lifespan of another 10
to 15 years with a little maintenance.
Security was a major focus for this particular project, due to the nature of the equipment to
be stored. Our security accessories include lock boxes, which create an excellent deterrent
against bolt croppers. The lock box features an eye welded to the first door and the box
welded to the second, creating a sturdy cover over the eye and padlock when in operation.
We also offer robust Proforce Padlocks, which come with three numbered keys and the
option to replace or order more if needed.
We are pleased to have worked with Architrail Velosolutions UK to provide storage for this
excellent project, which is likely to be a central part of the community in Poplar. Design
Manager and Trail Builder, Edd Wright, said, ‘We had very smooth communication with Billie
Box. Jane was friendly and helpful throughout the transaction.’
If you’re in need of a storage solution, call us on 0800 121 7388 to find out about our range
of container storage options.