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Cost effective, secure alternative to Prefab buildings

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Last Updated on October 4, 2023

Finding office space and canteen space can be challenging for businesses who find their space is at a premium.  Some businesses (like motor dealerships) sometimes simply do not have any indoor space at all.  Providing your staff with a warm, comfortable and productive working environment is an important consideration for any business.  Ensuring your staff have somewhere comfortable to take work breaks and eat meals is important for morale.
In the past increasing the size of a work environment involved either building an extension, or investing in a modular building.  Building work may either be impractical, or impossible.  Modular buildings come with challenges that mean they are not always the best solution for every situation.

Converted shipping containers

Here at Billie Box we offer a cost-effective solution to your business space problems. We convert new shipping containers into offices, canteens and office space with secure storage. When we convert a container to include storage space the split is typically 50 / 50 between office space and storage space.  

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using converted shipping containers as your office or canteen.


Converted shipping container offices and canteens work out around £100 per square metre cheaper than prefab buildings.


Our converted containers are built from high-tensile Corten steel. The doors are anti-jemmy proof and are kept securely locked with a ten lever locking system. Windows can be fitted with lockable steel shutters, secured from inside with a shoot bolt. These features are a small example of why our offices and canteens are considerably more secure than modular buildings.


Our offices and canteens are insulated with rock-wool and finished internally with tidy melamine paneling. Your converted container will be fully fitted out electrically. Every unit is fitted with lighting, heating and double power sockets. Converted containers are also supplied with anti-slip flooring.

Shipping containers that have been converted into an office, canteen (or other business facility) are entirely self contained. They can be supplied with an open plan layout or with an internal wall to provide additional secure storage within the unit.

Our offices and canteens are a cost-effective, secure and simple alternative to traditional modular buildings.