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Rural Crime stats 2016

rural crime stats from NFU

Last Updated on March 25, 2024

Rural crime stats are a huge problem to farmers and those that live in the countryside. Rural sites are so exposed and unmanned in many cases, hence why crime is on the rise. The perpetrators can access sites easily and abscond with many high value items without anyone noticing.

We at Billie Box take these rural crime stats very seriously indeed. We supply steel secure shipping containers for storage with delivery to your door. Farms and countryside residences often have sufficient room to add another shed to their site.

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Rural crime
New (once used from China) 20ft x 8ft storage container being delivered to site

Every year rural crime costs millions of pounds and causes anxiety to the victims across the UK.

In 2015 the data reveals that the cost of rural crime to the UK has reached £42.5 million.

Stats from the NFU website.

rural crime stats from NFU


The NFU Mutual reported that there are certain areas being targeted more than others – the North East and East of England in particular. In 2015 it cost the victims in these areas in the region of £7.9 and £6.9 million respectively. The Midlands and Northern Ireland crime figures are on the rise by 10% and 13% respectively.

Theft of ATVs rose by 50% in the Essex area last year alone, according to NFU Mutual.

ATVs can be easily stored in a 20ft lockable container. Containers are a perfect solution, as all sides are blocked and the thieves cannot see whats inside. Who knows what’s in a container?

Equine tack such as saddles and bridles, being very high value, are perfect for the burglar. Again a shipping container is a great product in which to store your horse-riding equipment. I know some of you are worried about condensation; however, we do have the Absorpole which can rectify this problem.

Billie Box’s Shipping Containers are fitted with a lock box and then a hardened steel padlock will fit inside. This will stop unlawful access with bolt croppers.

Our padlocks have an anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-saw shackle.

In conclusion, prevention is better than cure!

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