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Last Updated on February 26, 2024

Self-storage businesses are popping up in many places around the UK. It is a growing industry in the UK and has been since the 1980s. Many self-store businesses actually use shipping containers. The containers act like rooms for each customer. They are lockable and secure. They can be placed side by side and stacked at least 2 high.

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Many customers of self-storage sites want to keep their possessions safe but just don’t have anywhere to store them. Customers include retailers, wholesalers, private individuals, construction firms and many, many more.

The farming community, in particular, are diversifying into self-storage, because they have the land already with great access for their customers.

The average occupancy of self-storage units has grown by 4% to 73% and income per sq ft has grown by over 5% to £22.15 in 2016, according to the Self Storage Association UK (SSA UK).

It is difficult to calculate accurately the number of self-storage businesses trading as there is no organisation that actually tracks the self-storage industry around the UK. The SSA UK estimates that there are now around 1077 self-store sites in the UK, of which 195 offer container storage only.

We at Billie Box offer shipping containers that will suit a self-storage business perfectly. We always recommend new (one trip from China) containers as they are usually clean and tidy. Self-storage customers want to store in a nice tidy space. All our new containers are fitted with a lock box and padlocks on a master suite basis are available for sale.

2016 Statistics from SSA UK make very interesting reading

Self storage association UK

How to set up a Self Storage business

  1. Find the land
  2. Apply for planning permission
  3. Make the land levelled and accessible
  4. Put up a fence and maybe a swipe card system for added security.
  5. Start marketing your self-storage business. Get your customers lined up to rent the space.
  6. Buy shipping containers from Billie Box to place on site. Often our customers start with 10 x 20ft units and then build onto the site with more as and when the first ones are full.
  7. Rent the containers out to your customers.
  8. Before you know it, your site will be full of customers and you will be receiving a nice tidy income.
  9. Remember you can stack 2 high. Staircases and walkways would be required for access.

So in conclusion, call us today on 0800 121 7388 or get a quote to see how Billie Box can help you to start up your self-storage business.

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