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Farmers under increasing pressure to secure their chemical stores

Last Updated on February 26, 2024

British Farmers are experiencing an increasingly intense pressure to improve the way they store chemicals, including Plant Protection Products (PPPs).  The Environment agency makes clear what is expected of Farmers with regards to storing chemicals not only securely, but handling chemicals in a way that reduces the risk of accidental environmental contamination.  In fact the freely available Environment Agency ‘Inspecting Officers Guidelines’ is sobering reading for any Farmers who are not adequately taking care of their PPPs.

But farmers are not just ‘under the harrow’ from Government Agency regulations.  The ‘Red Tractor’ Farm assurance scheme also has strict food and environmental safety requirements.

The issue is compounded by pressure from those buying Farmers’ output, national supermarket chains and similar organisations (with significant purchasing power) are also making demands.  For example, the Tesco’s Natures Choice scheme specifically forbids Farmers from handling chemicals on gravel.

On even the best managed Farms storage space is at a premium, with external factors like income diversification compounding the issue.  Even if, for example, there is a spare shed available for conversion to a compliant chemical store the cost of conversion can prove prohibitive.  The time planning and executing can also develop into an issue if Farmers receive an enforcement notice? and need to respond swiftly.

So what’s the answer to the pressures facing British Farmers and the need to safely and securely store and handle chemicals?  A company in rural Suffolk has developed an innovative solution – specially converted shipping containers.

Billie Box Ltd in Suffolk have launched – a service supplying farmers with heavy duty chemical storage containers.  These converted shipping containers have a steel bunded floor and tamper-resistant security.  All Billie Box chemical stores include steel shelving (with lip) and appropriate ventilation.  These chemical stores offer a ‘fit and forget’ solution to the problem of chemical storage on farms.  Billie Box stores also have the advantage of being entirely separate from any existing barns and outbuildings.

So why not call Jane and her team at Billie Box to discuss the sizes and availability of their chemical stores? T: 0800 121 7388 or email:

About Chemical Storage 4 Farmers

Chemical Storage 4 Farmers is a service provided by an experienced supplier of shipping containers.  Specially converted storage containers are available on a short lead time and at a price considerably lower than the cost of building conversion.  BASIS (British Agrochemical safety inspection scheme) has recently agreed to add Billie Box Ltd to its supplier list.

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