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Sports Clubs & Leisure Centre secure storage

Shipping Container on transport

Last Updated on January 19, 2024

Many sports clubs and leisure facilities in the UK use a shipping container to hold their ever expanding array of equipment. If space and protection are factors you value when considering how to securely store your businesses assets then you are not alone…


Team GB’s unprecedented success at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games inspired our nation, prompting a vast increase in membership to sports clubs and leisure facilities across the country. These institutions have greeted the UK’s re-ignited love of sports with a surge in purchasing of new equipment – much of this it extremely expensive. The continued success of these companies rely on their ability to deter and repel criminals through the secure storage of their property.

Billie Box supplies new and second hand shipping containers throughout England and Wales on a sale or rental basis. These storage units are constructed from Corten steel and built with a unique ‘Lock Box’ locking system: this offers total protection from the outside elements and most importantly makes near enough impenetrable to any would-be intruders. Condensation within the box itself is combatted through our own ‘Absorpoles’ – designed to reduce the amount of moisture inside a container and keep equipment dry.

Shipping containers are perfect as a secure store for sports equipment

The shipping containers come in 20ft (with an internal storage area of 1,170 cubic feet) and 40ft (a gigantic 2,386 cubic feet); huge amounts of storage space delivered directly to the door of practically any UK-based gym or sports club.

20ft Shipping container

Balls, rackets and clubs are all well and good but not all sports are based around easily handled equipment – that is why Billie Box also offer a 20ft Opensider shipping container, this gives a longer length full side opening. An extremely useful addition when storing long or hard-to-manage items is a daily routine.

The options of sports clubs and leisure facilities are endless, but here are few of our existing clients. Why not view our Reviews which shows you how we have been successful in supplying our clients.

  • American Football
  • Archery clubs
  • Badminton clubs
  • Boxing clubs
  • Canoe clubs
  • Cricket clubs
  • Cycling clubs
  • Equestrian centres
  • Fencing clubs
  • Football clubs
  • Gliding clubs
  • Golf Clubs
  • Gymnastics clubs
  • Hockey clubs
  • Ice Hockey clubs
  • Karting clubs
  • Lacrosse clubs
  • Leisure centres
  • Lifesaving clubs
  • Martial arts clubs
  • Motorcross clubs
  • Mountaineering clubs
  • Netball clubs
  • Polo clubs
  • Pool & snooker clubs
  • Rowing clubs
  • Rugby clubs
  • Sailing clubs
  • Scuba diving clubs
  • Shooting clubs
  • Ski clubs
  • Squash clubs
  • Surf clubs
  • Swimming clubs
  • Table Tennis clubs
  • Tennis clubs
  • Trampoline clubs
  • Volleyball clubs
  • Waterski clubs
  • Watersports clubs
  • Weightlifting clubs
  • Windsurfing clubs
  • Yacht clubs

In conclusion, a shipping container is a perfect way to store your equipment safely and securely, which gives you peace of mind and protects your members’ interests.

Any company or institution wishing to discuss secure storage should call us today on 0800 121 7388 or 01473 557409. Alternatively please visit the ‘Get a Quote’ section of our website.

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