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Secure storage for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Shipping Container on transport

Last Updated on February 26, 2024

There are so many industries that could benefit from secure storage – anyone who values their business and its assets should consider Billie Box’s services when deciding how best to house their goods. Whilst some companies may seem like obvious targets for burglary it is often those that are overlooked in terms of security that can be the most devastated by its impact…

That is why the number of shipping containers being used by schools, colleges and universities is on the rise as educational institutions increasingly find themselves the victims of theft. When a building is only occupied during the weekdays and daylight hours criminals and opportunists take note, hence why shipping containers for sports clubs are also rapidly expanding in popularity. A fixed and secure static storage space is essential in combating this ever-growing problem.

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Jane Billing discussed utilising Billie Box’s recourses with the headmaster of a school in Kent but found he was reluctant to use a shipping container for storage. She discovered that his concerns were due to the fact that his existing containers had previously been broken into.

It transpired that the school had employed the use of a standard padlock-fitted container. These are incredibly easy to penetrate as an exposed padlock does not offer much protection at all. Jane explained that our company use what is known as a ‘Lock Box‘ – essentially a steel-shrouded area to securely house the padlock. This extra layer of protection makes all the difference; breaking and entering is practically impossible as regular bolt croppers are made redundant. The headmaster went on to buy a 20ft container.

Billie Box has assisted many schools across England in supplying a secure storage container on a sale or rental basis. We always recommend a lock box and padlock is fitted to ensure that they are doubly secure.

Schools often have sufficient space to place an 10ft, 20ft or 40ft box with plenty of room for our vehicles to drive and offload the container. For an example of this please see our video demonstration.

Any company or institution wishing to discuss secure storage should call us today on 0800 121 7388 or 01473 557409. Alternatively please visit the ‘Get a Quote’ section of our website.

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