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Renting vs Buying Container Storage

Container hire

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

If you require extra storage space, you can easily solve this problem by renting or buying a shipping container. The processes of renting and buying container storage offer different benefits depending on your requirements. If you’re wondering whether you should rent or buy your container, read on to find out which option is best suited to you.

Reasons for renting a shipping container

Shipping container hire for both personal and commercial use is ideal for a temporary storage solution. You may wish to rent a container if you are:

  • Hosting a short-term event such as a festival, sporting event, market, etc.
  • Managing a construction site and want to store equipment and materials
  • Renovating your home and want to keep personal belongings safe and accessible
  • A retailer requiring seasonal storage
  • A farmer requiring a grain store during harvesting

There are, of course, many other reasons why you might need to hire a shipping container for storage, but these are just a few common scenarios.

Reasons for buying a shipping container

If you require longer term or permanent use, buying a shipping container will likely be the best option for you. You might choose to buy a container if you are:

  • A farmer in need of chemical storage
  • A private individual or business looking to set up an office in your garden or a commercial site
  • A school in need of an extra classroom, PE changing rooms or outdoor equipment storage
  • A hospital requiring a staff room, canteen or storage for medical equipment
  • Shipping goods overseas

Again, there are many more reasons for purchasing a shipping container.

The price of renting or buying a shipping container

Price might be the most important factor for you to consider when deciding whether you should rent or buy a shipping container. 

Buying a shipping container will have a high initial cost, but the benefits will be that you own the container outright, can use it for as long as you need, and can possibly sell it when you no longer need it. Containers are very sturdy structures made with high quality material, so they can last years without any considerable decrease in resale value. Take a look at our guides for what you need to look for when buying a second hand or a new container. 

Renting a shipping container may be more cost effective if you only need it for a short amount of time. Container suppliers usually have a weekly hire cost, and you will likely need to pay for delivery and removal. Read our guide to renting a container, which includes our pricing information.

Shipping container modifications

All of our rented containers come fitted with a lock box for security purposes; this houses a padlock (which can be purchased through us if needed) and is specially designed to deter bolt croppers. Each container is also watertight and this is checked prior to release to ensure that you receive a high quality container for your rental period. Accessories – such as Absorpoles to absorb moisture – are available with your rental and the price for these items is available on request.

If you require further modifications, however, this may mean buying a container. We can convert containers for use as chemical stores, complete with bunded floors, drainage sumps and warning signs; mobile offices with insulation and heating, lockable window shutters, and lighting; and canteens with counters and a sink. All of these options are available with container purchases.

Should I rent or buy a shipping container?

If you’re still struggling to decide whether you should rent or buy a container, just give us a call on 0800 121 7388 and we can help you make an informed decision!