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Last Updated on January 19, 2024

Billie Box knows that many industries require their products and services. One in particular is schools. With the number of burglaries on the rise and the schools colleges and universities not being attended during the evenings and weekends, there is more and more need for secure storage. Our shipping containers are perfect for static storage and are a ‘Must have’ for a school, college or university.

New 20ft sea container

Jane Billing, only the other day, spoke to a headmaster of a school in Kent. The headmaster was reluctant to have a shipping container for storage, as he had his existing containers broken into recently. Jane asked if the gentleman had, had a lock box fitted or was the padlock fitted to the door handles. The headmaster replied: “What is a lock box?” Jane explained that a lock box was a steel shrouded area to house a padlock, whereby opportunists cannot get access to the padlock with bolt croppers. The headmaster then replied: “That is brilliant, I will have a re-think” and he went on to buy a 20ft container.

Schools often have sufficient space to place an, 8ft, 10ft, 20ft or 40ft box, with plenty of room for our vehicles to drive and offload the container. Please see our video showing a box being offloaded.

Delivery and offload of 2 x 10ft sea containers

Billie Box has assisted many schools across England in supplying a secure storage container on a sale or rental basis. We always recommend a lock box and padlock is fitted to ensure that they are doubly secure.

Lock box for shipping containersCISA 66 padlock for shipping containers

So if you are a school and wondering what do about your storage problem, why not call us today on 0800 121 7388 or 01473 557409 or ‘Get a Quote’

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