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Storage Containers for Schools, Colleges & Universities

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In our conversations with customers who work in schools, colleges and universities it’s quite common to hear the same problems. Throughout academia organisations are finding themselves increasingly short of storage space.

Storage is needed for sports equipment, exam furniture, archive paperwork, Text books etc.

In the past, when schools and universities enjoyed larger development budgets the answer may have been to construct additional buildings on site. Ignoring the money side of this solution for a moment, building new storage buildings can be slow. Very slow.

We have many customers who solve their storage problems by buying shipping containers. Shipping containers are strong, secure, cost-effective and can be sited anywhere with level ground. They require no foundations and usually require no planning permission.

We sell shipping containers for storage at very competitive rates, but we appreciate that not all academic budgets can accommodate the purchase of a shipping container. Most towns now have storage depots, but the funny thing about storage is that you often need swift access to the items that you are storing. Retrieving offsite storage requires planning and will always incur a cost.

Our solution is to rent shipping containers for storage to schools, colleges and universities. For as little as £1.71 a day Billie Box will supply a shipping container that will solve your storage problems. It’s that simple.

Here’s what one of our recent customers, from an Academy trust had to say,

‘A very simple and straightforward process. I now have about 5 containers across out Multi-Academy Trust and would recommend Billie Box’s services without hesitation.’

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