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Funding for Storage Containers at Football Clubs

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

Great news for football clubs, as The Premier League and The FA Facilities Fund Small Grants Scheme lists storage containers as an eligible project for a grant. This means that educational establishments and grassroots football clubs can now support the growth of their facilities with funding towards a storage container.

Storage containers provide endless advantages for growing football clubs. The first of which is a space to store equipment.

Container Storage at Football Clubs

Just like any other sporting facility, football clubs accumulate a large amount of equipment in order to provide education and entertainment for children and young people taking part in the sport. A storage container is an excellent method of storing this equipment for several reasons:

  1. Size – traditional sports equipment storage may not be large enough for the amount of equipment required for a football club. From training hurdles, to cones, all the way through to portable goals and the footballs themselves, there is much to think about when considering the size of your storage facility. Containers range from 10ft to 40ft, providing many options for a growing football club.
  2. Easy access to equipment – because storage containers are spacious, your equipment can be easily organised and accessible, instead of crammed into a small space where half of it may never be seen again. Container storage allows you to retrieve the equipment you need without the fuss of reshuffling your entire storage facility.
  3. Weather protection – shipping containers are made to withstand all types of weather. Therefore, your gear and apparatus will be stored safely and remain in good condition for many years to come. Many clubs don’t have the budget to regularly replace equipment if it is weather damaged, so container storage is an excellent way to avoid unwanted costs.
  4. Security – Any establishment, especially football clubs, should invest in good security for any equipment – and a storage container is just that. Vandal-proof by nature, our containers are supplied with a hardened steel padlock and fitted with a lock box to deter bolt croppers.
Rural crime
New (once used from China) 20ft x 8ft storage container

Using a storage container as a clubhouse

Off the pitch, the clubhouse is the hub of any football team, so it’s necessary for clubs to offer a facility which is fit for purpose. However, this is not always possible on a small budget. Perhaps your club is historic, with a clubhouse which has dilapidated over time due to lack of maintenance. Or maybe you’re a very new club with little funding to build a brand new clubhouse. A shipping container can solve these problems.

Office container

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of containers – they’re actually very versatile. Not only do we provide containers for storage, we also convert them into offices, classrooms and, indeed, clubhouses.

Provide a space for team meetings, lessons, a lunchtime eating space, changing rooms, shelter at fundraising events, and much more. With electricity for lighting and heating, as well as the option to include a sink and kitchen worktops, our converted shipping containers feel like a completely different space inside. They are truly multi-purpose, with the added value of being insulated, weatherproof and secure.

Applying for funding

Apply for funding for your shipping container or new clubhouse via The Premier League and The FA Facilities Fund Small Grants Scheme. This scheme grants funding for containers which are new or fully refurbished, and also covers planning permission where necessary. If you are interested in purchasing one of our excellent storage containers or converted containers, you will require a quote from us to support your application. Please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 121 7388 to discuss your needs.